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The ward of Coulsdon East (red) shown within the Croydon South constituency (orange) within the London Borough of Croydon (yellow)

Coulsdon East is a ward in the London Borough of Croydon, covering part of the Coulsdon area of London in the United Kingdom. The ward currently forms part of Chris Philp MP's Croydon South constituency. At the 2011 Census the population of the Ward was 12,244.[1]

The ward returns three councillors every four years to Croydon Council. At the Croydon Council election 2006, Terry Lenton, Brian Udell and Chris Wright were elected to the council. All stood as Conservative Party candidates. In Coulsdon East in 2006, the Labour Party did not field any candidates. The local election marked the highest turnout (57.2%) in the London Borough elections in 2006.

At the 2010 local elections the ward was retained by the Conservatives. The 2010 election coincided with the General election which had the effect of improving turnout amongst voters. Turnout climbed to 73.5%.

The successful Conservative candidates were Justin Cromie, Terry Lenton and Chris Wright. The Conservative share of the vote fell from 63.2% to 48.6% with the Liberal Democrats' share of the vote falling to 26.9%. The Labour party polled 9.9%, their lowest share in Borough of Croydon wards in the 2010 election.

Ward Result[edit]

Coulsdon East (2014)[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Christopher Wright 2,294 21.8 +1.4
Conservative Margaret Bird 2,230 21.2 +2.3
Conservative James Thompson 1,864 17.7 +0.3
UKIP Alan Smith 968 9.2 N/A
Green Molly Scott Cato 718 6.8 N/A
Liberal Democrat Celia Hickson 657 6.2 -2.8
Liberal Democrat Arfan Bhatti 649 6.1 -4.4
Liberal Democrat Ashley Burridge 574 5.4 -3.1
Labour Lee Findell 527 5.0 -5.1
Total votes 10,481 75.4 +11.0
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing


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