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Vermont State Colleges
Vermont State Colleges Seal
Motto Scientia est Lux Lucis
The Latin translates to English as "Knowledge is Enlightenment."
Established 1961
Location Waterbury, Vermont, United States

The Council of Presidents is the executive leadership body of the Vermont State Colleges (VSC), the governance organization for public colleges in the U.S. state of Vermont. The council is composed of a chancellor and executive staff of the VSC and the presidents of the five member colleges. The council works with the Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Colleges to set policies and procedures for the system.

The members of the Council of Presidents are: VSC Chancellor Jeb Spaulding; President David Wolk, Castleton University, President Joyce Judy, Community College of Vermont; President Elaine C. Collins, Johnson State College; President Joe Bertolino, Lyndon State College; President Philip Conroy, the Vermont Technical College; and VSC General Counsel William Reedy, Chief Financial Officer Thomas Robbins, Chief Academic Officer Annie Howell, and Director of Community Relations and Public Policy Dan Smith.

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