Council of State (Nigeria)

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National Council of State
Council overview
Formed30 July 1975
HeadquartersAso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Council executives

The National Council of States is an organ of the Nigerian Government. Its functions include advising the executive on policy making. The Council has no executive power, however plays an important advice and consent role in government operations.[1]


In the First Nigerian Republic, there was no National Council of State as the Premiers occasionally they met with the Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.[2] The idea of the National Council of State was first introduced by General Murtala Muhammed on 30 July 1975 in a broadcast to the nation after deposing General Yakubu Gowon:

"The structure of government has been re-organised. There will now be three organs of Government, at the Federal level namely: The Supreme Military Council, The National Council of State, and the Federal Executive Council."

— Murtala Muhammed, [3]

He then appointed the following governors as members of the council of state:[2]

The 1979 constitution enlarged the composition of the Council of State to its current size.[2]

Composition of the Council of State[edit]

The Council of State consists of the following persons:


The council has responsibilities in advising the President in the exercise of his/her powers with respect to the following: national population census and compilation, publication and keeping of records, prerogative of mercy, awarding of national honours, the appointment of members of the Independent National Electoral Commission, the appointment of members of the National Judicial Council (other than ex-officio members of that Council), and the appointment of members of the National Population Commission.

It also advises the President whenever requested to do so on the maintenance of public order within the Federation or any part thereof and on such other matters as the President may direct. It has acted during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria as well as during times of economic crisis.[2]

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