Councillor Tuura

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Councillor Tuura
First appearanceProfessori Uuno D.G. Turhapuro
Last appearanceUuno Turhapuro - This Is My Life
Created bySpede Pasanen
Portrayed byTapio Hämäläinen
Occupationcouncillor, politician
Relativesmrs. Reetta Tuura

daughter Elisabeth Turhapuro

son-in-law Uuno Turhapuro

Councillor Tuura is a fictional character in the Finnish comedy film series Uuno Turhapuro. He is the father of Uuno's wife Elisabeth Turhapuro (née Tuura), Uuno's father-in-law and married with Reetta Tuura, Elisabeth's mother. Uuno wrings when he speaking the official title of Councillor Tuura, vuorineuvos to vuoristoneuvos. He is chief executive officer of the Tuura Company. Councillor Tuura has many first names during the film series: Voldemar, Karolus, Taneli, Elmeri, Valtter and Hugo. His secretary is Miss Unelma Säleikkö.

Councillor Tuura can't stand his son-in-law Uuno; because of him he has become a nervous wreck. He has called that for example "gabbage face" and "heap of rubbish". In the beginning of every Uuno film he moves around in his private office keep telling: "I feel as if this is happiest day in my lifetime." Then he hears about the newest coup of Uuno in phone, radio, television or newspaper. The day is irrevocably spoilt.

Tuura doesn't make an appearance in the first Uuno film Uuno Turhapuro (1973) because he was not fabricated yet. Pehr-Olof Sirén played a character in the second Uuno film Professori Uuno D.G. Turhapuro (1975), where he was called "Elisabeth's father". Tapio Hämäläinen played Tuura in all other Uuno films as well as a TV series from 1996 except for film Johtaja Uuno Turhapuro - pisnismies (1998). Tapio Hämäläinen was tired of the role of Tuura after that he was played it in five successive years in the beginning of 1990s and in the TV series in 26 episodes in 1996, so that he claimed for his role performance greater reward than usually, which no one agreed. Heikki Nousiainen replaced him.

Councillor Tuura has acted as presidential candidate and served as The Finnish Foreign Minister and Prime Minister.

First names[edit]

  • Voldemar (1976 in film Lottovoittaja UKK Turhapuro)
  • Karolus (1977 in film Häpy Endkö? Eli kuinka Uuno Turhapuro sai niin kauniin ja rikkaan vaimon)
  • Jalmari (1981 in film Uuno Turhapuron aviokriisi)
  • Elmeri (1982 in film Uuno Turhapuro menettää muistinsa)
  • A. (1983 in film Uuno Turhapuron muisti palailee pätkittäin)[1]
  • Taneli (1988 in film Tupla-Uuno)
  • Valtter (1992 in film Uuno Turhapuro – Suomen tasavallan herra presidentti)
  • Hugo (in films Uuno Turhapuron poika (1993) and Johtaja Uuno Turhapuro – pisnismies (1998) as well as in TV-series Uuno Turhapuro (1996)
  • Mark Tuura 'Uulo Tuura'

Political carrieer[edit]

  • President candidate 1978 (election campaign fails because of Uuno)
  • Defence Minister 1984 (proclaims inadvertently the war versus Sweden and ends up in to the court-martial)
  • Prime Minister 1992 (Uuno appoints Tuura as Prime Minister after himself had become to The President of Finland)





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