Count Leo Stefan of Habsburg

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Count Leo Stefan Maria Carl Wolfgang Rudolf von Fidelis of Habsburg (born June 12, 1928[1] in Żywiec) is a morganaut of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and the representative of the Teschen ducal line. He is the son of Archduke Leo Karl (1893–1939) and Countess Maria-Klothilde de Thuillières von Montjoye-Vaufrey et de la Roche (1893–1978) and a grandson of Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria. He is today the heir to the Dukedom of Teschen. Despite the retroactive alteration to the House Laws of succession, Leo Stefan is also formally not entitled to the title Archduke of Austria,[citation needed] because of the unequal marriage of his parents. He thus is only entitled to use the title Count of Habsburg. He has seven children of whom Count Albrecht of Habsburg (born 1963), who is his heir to the Dukedom.



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