Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz

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Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz
Born 28 April 1936
Uccle, Belgium
Died 25 September 2008 (aged 72)
Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Title Count d'Udekem d'Acoz
Spouse(s) Countess Anna Maria Komorowska
Children Queen Mathilde of Belgium
Jonkvrouw Marie-Alix d'Udekem d'Acoz
Margravine Elisabeth Pallavicini
Baroness Hélène Janssen
Count Charles-Henri d'Udekem d'Acoz
Parent(s) Baron Charles d'Udekem d'Acoz
Suzanne van Outryve d'Ydewalle

Patrick Paul François Marie Ghislain, Count d'Udekem d'Acoz (Uccle, 28 April 1936 - Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, 25 September 2008) was a Belgian nobleman and father of Queen Mathilde of Belgium.[1] Queen Mathilde is the wife of Philippe, King of the Belgians.

He was a son of Charles Joseph Marie Ghislain, Baron d'Udekem d'Acoz (Ghent, 8 March 1885 - Proven, 7 December 1968), and his second wife, (m. Proven, 4 February 1933) Suzanne Marie Désirée Ghislaine Josephe van Outryve d'Ydewalle (Wingene, 22 June 1898 - Ypres, 6 April 1983). Upon the marriage of his daughter Princess Mathilde, he was created Count d'Udekem d'Acoz on 4 December 1999.

Count d'Udekem d'Acoz married Countess[2] Anna Maria Komorowska (b. Białogard, 23 September 1946) civilly in Forville on 1 September 1971 and religiously in Hannut on 11 September 1971.[1] She was a daughter of Count[2] Leon Michal Komorowski (Siedliska, 14 August 1907 - 1992) and his wife (m. Warszawa, 25 July 1942), Princess Zofia Sapieżanka (Bobrek, 10 October 1919 - Herstal, 14 August 1997). The couple had five children:[1]

Count Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz became seriously ill beginning in January 2008.[1] His brother, Henri d'Udekem d'Acoz, revealed that Patrick had fallen into an irreversible coma and was dying of the progressive disease in March 2008.[1] The illness and coma caused Patrick to miss awareness of the birth of his granddaughter, Princess Eléonore of Belgium, April 2008.[1] Princess Eléonore, the fourth child of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, was born in the same hospital where Patrick was being treated for his illness.[1]

Count Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz died on 25 September 2008, at a neurological center in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, at the age of 72. He was survived by his wife and four children.[1]


16. Baron Gérard d'Udekem 1785–1866
8. Baron Albert d'Udekem d'Acoz 1828–1900
17. Justine de Posson 1799–1884
4. Baron Maximilien d'Udekem d'Acoz 1861–1921
18. Frédéric de Kerchove 1805–1880
9. Alice de Kerchove 1838–1877
19. Elise de Naeyer 1812–1899
2. Baron Charles d'Udekem d'Acoz 1885–1968
20. Baron Alexandre van Eyll 1781–1867
10. Gustave van Eyll 1830–1905
21. Countess Angélique de Gourcy-Serainchamps 1796–1865
5. Maria van Eyll 1863–1935
22. Joseph van Goethem 1803–1894
11. Marie Louise van Goethem 1834–1863
23. Marie Colette Ghislaine Maertens 1806–1834
1. Count Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz 1936–2008
24. Eugène van Outryve d'Ydewalle 1797–1854
12. Eugene van Outryve d'Ydewalle 1830–1901
25. Clémence van Severen 1801–1873
6. Clement van Outryve d'Ydewalle 1876–1942
26. Jules de Serret 1803–?
13. Laurence de Serret 1836–1910
27. Marie Mathilde Anselmine van Caloen 1808–1856
3. Suzanne van Outryve d'Ydewalle 1898–1983
28. Désiré de Thibault de Boesinghe 1815–1887
14. Desire de Thibault de Boesinghe 1837–1909
29. Adélaide van Hamme 1812–1846
7. Madeleine de Thibault de Boesinghe 1876–1931
30. Louis Antoine Firmin Frennelet 1799–1852
15. Marie Isabelle Frennelet 1843–1881
31. Anne Coppieters Stochove 1818–1851


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