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Count Piotr Vorkosigan is the father of Aral Vorkosigan and the grandfather of Miles Vorkosigan in the fictitious universe of the Vorkosigan Saga.

At the time of his death in The Warrior's Apprentice, Piotr's full title was General Count Piotr Vorkosigan as he was a general in the Barrayaran Military. He led guerrilla forces during the first Cetaganda Invasion at the end of the Time of Isolation. Largely because of his efforts and skills, the Cetagandans were driven back.

He is the 9th Count Vorkosigan and the first to die of old age. According to his daughter in law, Cordelia Naismith Vorkisigan, "Counts Vorkosigan have come to horrible ends throughout your history. You've been blown up, shot, starved, drowned, burned alive, beheaded, diseased, and demented. The only thing you've never done is die in bed."[1]

Shortly after the first Cetagandan Invasion, Piotr sided with Ezar Vorbarra to overthrow Mad Emperor Yuri.


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