Counter-Strike Neo

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Counter-Strike Neo
Developer(s) Valve Software
Publisher(s) Namco (arcade)
Series Counter-Strike
Engine GoldSrc
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s) 2005
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Arcade system System N2

Counter-Strike Neo is a Japanese arcade adaptation of Counter-Strike, the original Half-Life multiplayer modification. It is published by Namco, and runs on a Linux system.[1]

According to an article in 2006,[2] significant changes in this version include moving away from the traditional Terrorist versus Counter-Terrorist scenario and incorporating a matchmaking and Elo-derived rating system to help keep players and teams on even footing.

The official website made available White Memories Flash novels,[3] Flash videos made by developer Romancework that have a continuing storyline and even some portions of gameplay that loosely resemble Counter-Strike itself.


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