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The Counter Terrorism Group (CTG) is an informal grouping of intelligence agencies from 30 European countries. CTG was founded in 2002 and includes agencies from all 28 European Union members, Norway and Switzerland.[1] MI5 of the UK is expected to continue to remain a part of the CTG after Brexit.[2]

Under the chairmanship of the Dutch intelligence agency, the General Intelligence and Security Service (Dutch: AIVD), the group is creating a virtual platform to improve exchanging intelligence on terrorism between European agencies.[3] According to the AIVD this process will be completed by July 1, 2016.

The Counter Terrorism Group was founded after the September 11 attacks. It comes from another European group called Club de Berne.[4]

According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, ‘The Military Balance 2004-2005,’ it was estimated that, across the world, there were around 18,000 terrorists trained by Al-Qaeda, but it was unknown how many were active in Europe.


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