Counterstrike (1990 TV series)

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Counterstrike title screen
Also known as Force de frappe
Genre Action / Adventure
Starring Simon MacCorkindale
Christopher Plummer
Tom Kneebone
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 66
Executive producer(s) Denis Heroux
Robert Lantos
Larry Jacobson
Sonny Grosso
Steven DeNure
Producer(s) Julian Marks
Location(s) Toronto, Ontario
Paris, France
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Alliance Communications Corporation
Grosso-Jacobson Productions
Original network CTV
Original release July 1, 1990 – May 9, 1993

Counterstrike is a Canadian/French crime-fighting/espionage television series. It premiered on November 2, 1991 on CTV in Canada and on November 20, 1991 on TF1 in France. It also aired in the United States on cable channel USA Network, premiering on July 1, 1990. The series ran for three seasons, airing 66 hour-long episodes in total.

Counterstrike has since aired in reruns in Canada on Showcase and TVtropolis.



After his wife is kidnapped by terrorists, international industrialist Alexander Addington assembles a clandestine team of troubleshooters to help combat terrorism around the world. He recruits Peter Sinclair from Scotland Yard to lead the team. They set up a French con artist and art/jewelry thief named Nicole Beaumont and blackmail her into joining because of her valuable criminal connections. The third teammember is Luke Brenner, an American mercenary whom they rescue from a Mexican jail. The series' other recurring characters are Bennett and J.J., Alexander's valet and pilot, respectively.

In the second season's second episode Peter and Alexander encounter a French reporter named Gabrielle Germont whom they recruit into the team to prevent her from publishing a story about them. In the season's third episode Peter and Gabrielle rescue Hector Stone, an American CIA-operative and former Navy SEAL whose cover has been blown, and invite him to join the team.

The character of Alexander's daughter Suzanne Addington, who designed the team's computer systems, was also written out of the series at the beginning of the second season. Suzanne appears in one third season episode, although played by a different actress. In her stead Alexander gets a secretary/confidante named Hélène Previn.


  • 1994 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role (James Purcell)


  • 1994 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role (Sophie Michaud)
  • 1992 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role (Simon MacCorkindale)
  • 1992 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role (Christopher Plummer)

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