Countess Sophia Ignatieva

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Countess Sophia Ignatyeva
Countess Sophia Ignatyeva.jpg
SpouseCount Alexey Ignatyev
Parent(s)Maria Apraksina, Sergey Meshcherskiy

Countess Sophia Sergeyevna Ignatieva (Russian: Софья Серге́евна Игнатьева; born as Princess Meshcherskaya (княжна Мещерская)) was the child of Prince Vladimir Meshchersky's first cousin. Countess Sophia had eight houses in Petrograd and was a landowner of Rzhev uyezd. Playing an important role in clerical circles, she reportedly was an adherent of Bishop Hermogenes and priest Heliodorus, first friends later opponents of Grigori Rasputin.[1] Countess Sophia Ignatieva introduced Rasputin to Milica of Montenegro and her sister Anastasia, who were interested in Persian mysticism,[2] spiritism, and occultism. She lived to be 94 years old.


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