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For the painting of the 15th countess, see The Countess of Chinchon.

The Spanish noble title of Count of Chinchón (Spanish: Condado de Chinchón) was initially created by Charles I of Spain on 9 May 1520, granting the title to Fernando de Cabrera y Bobadilla. The title remained in the Cabrera family until 1683, when the Italian aristocratic Savelli family acquired the county. In 1738, Giuseppe Sforza-Cesarini, 11th Count of Chinchón, sold the territory and the title to King Philip V of Spain's son, Philip. Philip then ceded the county to his younger brother, Luis, on 28 May 1761. However, Luis and his successors would lose the rights to the Spanish throne following a battle of succession amongst his brothers (Carlos was the victor). The county remained in Bourbon-Faronese hands until 1828, when Countess María Teresa de Borbón died, her daughter Carlota de Godoy succeeding her. The Italian Ruspoli family eventually acquired the county through marriage with Carlota de Godoy.

More famous is Ana de Osorio, the 4th Countess of Chinchón (Condesa de Chinchón), who became the namesake of the cinchona genus of plants responsible for early modern quinine production.

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