Counties of Liberia

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Counties of Liberia
Bomi County Bong County Gbarpolu County Grand Bassa County Grand Cape Mount County Grand Gedeh County Grand Kru County Lofa County Margibi County Maryland County Montserrado County Nimba County Rivercess County River Gee County Sinoe CountyA clickable map of Liberia exhibiting its fifteen counties.
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Category Unitary state
Location Republic of Liberia
Number 15 counties
Populations 57,913 (Grand Kru) – 1,118,241 (Montserrado)
Areas 4,020 km2 (1,553 sq mi) (Montserrado) – 11,600 km2 (4,460 sq mi) (Nimba)
Government County Government
Subdivisions District
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There are 15 counties in Liberia, as of 2015. The fifteen counties are administered by superintendents appointed by the president.


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