Counties of Moldova

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Not to be confused with Counties of Moldavia.
Former counties of Moldova.

Between 1999 and February 2002, Moldova was divided into 12 territorial units, including 1 municipality, 1 autonomous territorial unit, 1 territorial unit, and 9 counties (Romanian: judeţe; seats in brackets):

  1. Chişinău municipality, surrounded by Chişinău County, but different from it
  2. Bălţi County (Bălţi)
  3. Cahul County (Cahul)
  4. Chişinău County (Chişinău)
  5. Edineţ County (Edineţ)
  6. Lăpuşna County (Hînceşti)
  7. Orhei County (Orhei)
  8. Soroca County (Soroca)
  9. Tighina County (Căuşeni)
  10. Ungheni County (Ungheni)
  11. Găgăuzia, autonomous territorial unit (Comrat)
  12. Stânga Nistrului, territorial unit (Dubăsari)

In October 1999 a Taraclia County was split out from the Cahul County; it coincides with the current Taraclia District.