Counties of Trinidad and Tobago

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Map showing old counties of Trinidad

Historically, Trinidad was divided into eight counties, and these counties were subdivided into Wards. Tobago was administered as a Ward of County Saint David.

Prior to reform of the system in the early 1990s these counties functioned as the administrative bodies for Local Government with the following modifications:

  • Saint George was divided into Saint George East, Saint George West, the City of Port of Spain and the Royal Borough of Arima.
  • The Borough (City after 1988) of San Fernando was separate from County Victoria.
  • After 1980 the Borough of Point Fortin was separated from the County Saint Patrick.
  • Saint Andrew and Saint David were combined under a single County Council.
  • Nariva and Mayaro were combined under a single County Council.
  • Since its establishment in 1980 the Tobago House of Assembly has gradually assumed many of the roles of the central government, in addition to those of local government.

Counties and Wards still play a role in revenue collection by the government.