Country Club Mall

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Country Club Mall
Country Club Mall Entrance midday.
Location La Vale, Maryland, United States
Address 1262 Vocke Road #400, Cumberland, MD
Opening date 1981
Management Gumberg Asset Management Corp.
Owner Andrew D. Gumberg
No. of stores and services 58 (including food/restaurants)
No. of anchor tenants 6
No. of floors 1
Only Mall in Allegany County

Country Club Mall is a shopping mall located in La Vale, Maryland, a suburb of Cumberland, Maryland in Allegany County, Maryland. The mall has 60 retail units, as well as 7 vendor stands on the main concourse. The largest retailers in the mall are Wal-Mart, the Bon-Ton, Sears, and JCPenney. Also located in the Country Club Mall is the Country Club Mall 8 Cinemas, the largest movie theatre in Allegany County. The mall is managed by Gumberg Asset Management Corp.


The mall was built after the state of Maryland spent $12 million on a road that facilitated the region's growth. This is believed to have led to the closings of smaller stores in Cumberland.[1] The 64-acre (260,000 m2) property is a portion of a larger 192-acre (0.78 km2) parcel. Before 1979, most of the 192-acre (0.78 km2) parcel, including portions of the 64-acre (260,000 m2) subject property, was used for strip mining and a golf course. The strip mine was filled in 1979, and the shopping center was built in 1981. When the mall opened, it contained a Kmart, JCPenney and Bon-Ton. Sears opened about a year later, and Kmart closed in 2002 and was replaced by a Walmart Supercenter in 2004.[2] By September 2004, the mall was 527,000 square feet (49,000 m2) in size.[3] As of May 2013, the mall is now 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2).[4]


The owner of the mall is Andrew D. Gumberg of Gumberg Asset Management Corp, a Pittsburgh real estate company. The Corporation, at the time called J. J. Gumberg Properties', purchased the Country Club Mall for $32.4 million in January 1999. Brad Kotz of KLNB Inc. represented the seller, Lend Lease Real Estate Investments, in the sale to J. J. Gumberg.[5]

The Corp. currently owns properties across the east coast in Florida (5), Maryland (1), Ohio (1), and Pennsylvania (20). Country Club Mall is the only property currently owned in Maryland.[6] "In total, Gumberg Asset Management Corp. has been involved with over 600 properties encompassing over 80,000,000 square feet of retail space in 41 states including over 15,000,000 square feet of regional and super regional malls across the country. Throughout the years, the company’s operational expertise, enduring industry relationships, talented staff and innovation have resulted in over 4 billion dollars of enhanced property value."[7]

Surrounding Area[edit]

Country Club Mall is located in Allegany County in Western Maryland. The mall attracts residents from numerous counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It is the only enclosed shopping mall within 65 miles (105 km).[8] It is located right off of Interstate 68 on Vocke Road. The property is bound to the south and west by restaurants, hotels, and commercial establishments, and undeveloped land to the north and east.[3]

Anchor Stores[edit]

Store Opened Size Notes
The Bon-Ton 74,241 sq ft
Country Club Cinemas 22,075 sq ft
JC Penney 69,125 sq ft
Sears 90,097 sq ft
TJ Maxx March 2013[9] 24,000 sq ft
Walmart Supercenter 203,007 sq ft

Food Court[edit]

Vendors in the food court include:

Movie Theater[edit]

There is an eight-screen movie theater space at the mall. Over time, the management of the theater has changed. AMC Theatres used to manage the theaters. Under AMC, the space was a six-screen movie theater and it was called AMC Country Club Mall 6. AMC ended operation on July 17, 2011 after deciding not to renew the lease, which ended on July 31, 2011. Immediately after, WPA Theaters became the company managing the movie theater in early August 2011. The company increased the screen count to eight, and the theater's name changed to the current Country Club 8 Cinemas. WPA's plan was to keep the same staff and managers who worked at AMC.[10][11][12]

Crime & Incidents[edit]

  • A man scammed a 71-year-old man out of an undisclosed amount of money at JC Penney's on May 14, 2012. The criminal posed as an undercover police officer and convinced the elderly man to give him money instead of going in front of a judge. Video surveillance caught the criminal's identity.[13]
  • A deer visited Barbara's Hallmark store on December 15, 2012. No injuries were reported, but a few items got knocked down. Employees shut the front gate of the store to coax the deer to the back. The deer left through the back door after a few minutes.[14]

Public Transportation[edit]

Allegany County Transit provides bus services to the mall. Many of the lines stop by the mall and Walmart. Morning service, Green, Gold, Purple, Evening Service have a destination at the mall. Some buses for Frostburg State University bring students to the mall.[15]


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