Country Dance and Song Society

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Country Dance and Song Society
Country Dance and Song Society Logo.gif
Formation1915; 104 years ago (1915)
TypeNonprofit organization
HeadquartersEasthampton, Massachusetts [1]
Region served
United States and Canada
3000 individuals and 300 affiliate groups[2]
Katy German
$1.5 million (2016)[3]

The Country Dance and Song Society (abbreviated CDSS) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote participatory dance, music, and song with English and North American roots. Its vision statement is "Communities strengthened by dancing, singing, and making music together."[4]


CDSS began in 1915 as a series of American chapters of the English Dance and Folk Society established by Cecil Sharp.[5] The organization consolidated in 1940 and grew steadily through the present.[6] Today, it supports over 300 local affiliate groups.[2][7]


CDSS promotes a number of types of traditional dance, including contra dance,[8] English country dance, Scottish country dance,[9] square dance,[10] morris dance, rapper sword, and clogging.[11]

CDSS runs several sessions annually at Pinewoods Dance Camp and other sites.[12]


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