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The Country Fire Authority appliances used throughout the state of Victoria by the CFA are provided through a mixture of State Government funds, money provided through insurance contributions as well as donations from both members of the public and external parties.[1]

Firefighting appliances utilised within the CFA are all painted white over orange/red with undercarriages painted black, equipped with red/blue flashing emergency lights and sirens.


CFA Type 3 Pumper at the 2009 Australian International Airshow

The CFA fleet can be broken down as follows:[2]

CFA owned vehicles:

  • Tankers - 1,270
  • Pumpers - 246
  • Pumper tankers - 40
  • Aerial appliances - 7
  • All-terrain appliances - 3
  • Quick attack appliances - 21
  • Mobile communications vehicles - 7
  • Hazardous materials units - 9
  • Protective Equipment support vehicles - 4
  • Rescue appliances - 26
  • Specialist (mechanical support) vehicles - 29
  • Cars or transport vehicles - 465
  • Other vehicles (including trailers) - 424
  • Fireboat - (Eildon) - 1

Brigade-owned vehicles - 1,469

Appliance Types[edit]


Tankers are generally used in bushfires as the water can be carried to where it is required and then used at the fire ground to extinguish the fire. The pump on a tanker runs independently, so that the truck can drive around and extinguish the fire.[3]

Tanks are divided into different types via a mixed number/letter specification. The specification gives an indication of how much water is carried in the tank, the wheel drive type and type of pump.

For example, the 3.4C tanker means:

  • 3000 litres of water is carried
  • It has a 4x4 wheel drive
  • It is a "Crew Cab"
Tanker Type Litres of water carried Wheel Drive Letter Specification
Ultra light Nissan Patrol (Various specs)
12.4D 1200L 4x4 Diesel Pump
15.4D 1500L 4x4 Diesel Pump
2.2D 2000L 4x2 Diesel Pump
2.4D 2000L 4x4 Diesel Pump
2.4C 2000L 4x4 Crew Cab
25.4D 2500L 4x4 Diesel Pump
3.2 3000L 4x2 Petrol Pump
3.2D 3000L 4x2 Diesel Pump
3.4 3000L 4x4 Petrol Pump
3.4D 3000L 4x4 Diesel Pump
3.4L 3000L 4x4 Long
Volksy Godiva pump
3.4C 3750L 4x4 Crew Cab
4.4 4100L 4x4 Godiva pump


Pumpers are equipped with a large pump capable of pumping thousands of litres of water per minute, some up to 4000 litres per minute. Pumpers are generally used in an urban environment to fight structure fires, as they require a reticulated or static water supply (e.g.: a dam) to operate.

Pumpers are also equipped with an extensive inventory of operational equipment including hoses, nozzles, ladders, breathing apparatus, chemical protection suits and other fire fighting gear, stowed in lockers on board the pumper. Pumpers carry some water, up to 2000 litres, but because their pumps are so large, they need the truck engine to run them, so pumpers operate only when they are parked.[4]


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