Country Fried Planet

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Country Fried Planet
Bill Engvall and Hogan on the set of Country Fried Planet photo by John Calderon
Starring Bill Engvall
Hogan as himself
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Bradley Anderson
Mack Anderson
Producer(s) Bill Engvall
Running time 30 minutes
Original network CMT
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Country Fried Planet or CFP is an American television program that is aired on the Country Music Television cable network. It is hosted by stand-up comedian. Bill Engvall.


Bill Engvall hosts Country Fried Planet from his "command center", depicted to be his garage. The show consists of viewer-submitted videos with narration by Bill. One video each show is chosen by Bill to win the "The Best Place on Earth" award. The show features an opening credit disclaimer stating that video submissions depicting intentionally dangerous and/or illegal content will be rejected. This show is similar to Country Fried Home Videos and features the same writers; Senior Writer Murray Valeriano (who also wrote the pilot), Bret Calvert, and Brett McVicker.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 101 - Earth: Better Than Uranus

Episode 102 - Earth: The TV Show

Episode 103 - Earth: Major Blue Ball

Episode 104 - Earth: No Venus Envy

Episode 105 - Earth: Love It Or Leave It

Episode 106 - Earth: Sit N' Spin

Criticism of Country Fried Planet[edit]

Some viewers have criticized Country Fried Planet for showing video clips involving cruelty to animals. Animal rights group PETA has criticized the show for depicting the eating of live baby birds, live snakes, and live lizards, as well as the transportation of live cattle by tying a rope around one of the animal's limbs or its neck and lifting it with a helicopter., a television watchdog group, does not recommend the show for children due to sexual innuendo, violence, language, message, social behavior, and depictions of drug and alcohol abuse.[1]

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