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Country Gardens is an English folk tune collected by Cecil Sharp and arranged for piano in 1918 by Percy Grainger.

In 2008,[1] Country Gardens was added to the National Film and Sound Archive's Sounds of Australia registry.

A version of Country Gardens appears in the Quaker's Opera of 1728. Facsimile

Format of renditions[edit]

The tune and the Percy Aldridge Grainger arrangement for piano and orchestra is a favourite with school orchestras, and other performances of the work include morris dancing. Jimmie Rodgers sang a well-known version ("English Country Garden"), which reached Number 5 in the UK charts in June 1962. Anglo-Australian comedian Rolf Harris recorded a satire of the Rodgers version in the 1970s. Comedian Allan Sherman used this melody as the tune for his 1963 song, "Here's to the Crabgrass".

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