Country Life in America

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Country Life in America
Cover from 'the good health' issue, vol 8, no 22, 1911.
Managing EditorHenry H. Saylor
CategoriesLifestyle magazines
PublisherDoubleday, Page & Co.
First issueNovember 1901
Final issue1942
Based inNew York City
OCLC number4340584

Country Life in America was an American shelter magazine, first published in November 1901 as an illustrated monthly by Doubleday, Page & Company.[1][2] Henry H. Saylor was the initial managing editor, and Robert M. McBride started his career at this publication.[3]

While its initial readership target was the rural dweller, it soon changed its focus to people looking for ideas on country living. In 1917, the name changed to The New Country Life,[4], then Country Life, and the magazine ended production in 1942.[5]


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