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The Country and Progressive National Party was a short-lived conservative political party in the Australian state of Queensland.


It was created in 1925 as the result of a merger between the state's two conservative parties, the United Party and the Country Party, in an attempt to end a decade of Labor domination in the state. Though opposed by some in both parties, it initially proved successful, and won office in 1929 under Arthur Edward Moore of the Country side, defeating the Labor Party in a landslide. The election was further notable for the surprise victory of Irene Longman, a Country and Progressive National candidate and the first woman ever to be elected to the Queensland parliament. However, the government floundered amidst the difficulties of the Great Depression, and was swept from power in 1932 by the Labor Party, led by William Forgan Smith. It contested the 1935 state election, but was severely beaten, being reduced to sixteen seats, which left Labor with a massive majority. As a result, in 1936, the party again split, leaving two-state based parties aligned with the federal United Australia Party and the Country Party.

A merger between the two parties' successors, the Liberal and National parties, later gave birth to the Liberal National Party of Queensland.

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