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Coat of arms of the Counts of Hainaut

This is a family tree of the Counts of Hainaut, sometimes spelled though not pronounced Hainault from 1055 to 1432, when the County of Hainaut and the County of Holland are incorporated in the estates of the Duchy of Burgundy, following the end of the Hook and Cod wars. Rulers previous to 1055 are omitted.

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Counts of Hainaut[edit]

Baldwin V, count of Flanders Aelide, princess of France Gertrude of Saxony Robert I, count of Flanders Counts of Flanders#House of Flanders Baldwin I of Hainaut Richilde, Countess of Mons and Hainaut Ida of Louvain Baldwin II of Hainaut Arnulf I of Hainaut Richilde of Hainaut (1095-1118) Amaury III of Montfort Baldwin III of Hainaut Yolande van Wassenberg Gertrude of Hainaut Richilde of Hainaut (12th century) Gerhard of Hainaut Baldwin IV of Hainaut Alice of Namur Yolande of Hainaut Hugh IV of Saint Pol Henry of Hainaut Baldwin of Hainaut (1134-1147) Geoffrey of Ostervant Agnes of Hainaut Laurette of Hainaut Bouchard IV of Montmorency Margaret I of Flanders Baldwin V of Hainaut Sybille of Hainaut Eustach of Hainaut Godfrey of Hainaut Philip I of Namur Isabelle of Hainaut Philip II of France Peter II of Courtenay Yolanda of Namur Henry of Constantinople Maria of Bulgaria, Latin Empress Mary of Champagne Baldwin VI of Hainaut Thomas II of Savoy Joanna of Flanders Infante Ferdinand, Count of Flanders Margaret II of Flanders Bouchard IV of Avesnes William II of Dampierre Counts of Flanders#House of Dampierre Baldwin of Avesnes Baldwin of Avesnes (died 1219) John I of Avesnes Adelaide of Holland Joanna of Flines Bouchard of Metz Guy of Avesnes William of Cambrai Floris of Zeeland John II of Hainaut Philippine of Luxembourg John of Ostervant Joanna of Hainaut (nun at Fontenelles) Henry of Hainaut Mary of Avesnes Louis I of Bourbon Isabelle of Hainaut (died 1305) Raoul of Clermont Alice of Hainaut Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk Margaret of Hainaut Robert II of Artois Margaret of Soissons John of Beaumont William I of Hainaut Joan of Valois (1294–1352) Robert of Namur (1323–1391) Isabelle of Hainaut (1323-1361) John of Hainaut (died 1316) Louis of Hainaut (1325-1328) Agnes of Hainaut (died 1327) Joanna of Hainaut Philippa of Hainaut Edward III of England William V of Julich William II of Hainaut Joanna, Duchess of Brabant Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor Margaret II of Hainaut Ulrich of Wurttemberg (died 1388) Elizabeth of Bavaria (1329-1402) Anna of Bavaria Otto V, Duke of Bavaria Beatrice of Bavaria Eric XII of Sweden Margaret of Bavaria (1325-1374) Gerhard of Hohenlohe William I, Duke of Bavaria Matilda of Lancaster Albrecht I of Wittelsbach Margaret of Brieg Margaret of Cleves Albert II, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing John of Bavaria-Straubing Elisabeth, Duchess of Luxembourg Catherine of Wittelsbach William I of Gelders and Jülich Margaret of Bavaria John the Fearless Joanna of Bavaria Wenzel IV of Bohemia William VI of Hainaut Margaret of Burgundy (1374-1441) Jacqueline of Holland John, Dauphin of France (1398-1417) John IV, Duke of Brabant Humphrey of Gloucester Frank van BorsselenHainautCounts.png
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