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Volusia County, Florida (located in central-east Florida), operates a system of county roads that serve all portions of the county. The Volusia County Public Works Department, Road and Bridge Division, is responsible for maintaining all of the Volusia County roads. Most of the county roads are city streets or rural roads. There are 1,563 miles (2,515 km) of county roads in Volusia County[1] (though not all have been assigned numbers).

The numbers and routes of all Florida highways are assigned by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), while county road numbers are assigned by the counties, with guidance from FDOT.[2] North-south routes are generally assigned odd numbers, while east-west routes are generally assigned even numbers.[3]


Number[4] Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Local names[5] Formed Removed Notes
CR A1A New Smyrna Beach Canaveral National Seashore South Atlantic Avenue; Turtle Mound Road Former SR A1A[6]

CR 3 Kennedy Parkway Former SR 3;[7] unsigned
CR 3 US 17 US 17 Former SR 3; inventoried as CR 2825 north of SR 40

CR 15A US 17 (SR 15) / SR 15A SR 11 North Spring Garden Avenue Former SR 15A[6]

CR 92 SR 15A at Glenwood Springs US 17 / US 92 at North DeLand International Speedway Boulevard Part of a truck bypass for US 92

CR 201 CR 2002 in South Bulow Volusia–Flagler county line Walter Boardman Lane; John Anderson Highway

CR 305 Willow Point Boat Ramp in Lake George Volusia–Flagler county line east of Seville Lake George Road; Bunnell Road Former SR 305[6]
CR 415 SR 44 in Samsula CR 4068 in Daytona Beach Tomoka Farms Road
CR 421 CR 415 I-95 Taylor Road Extension of SR 421

CR 430 CR 4009 SR 483 and CR 483 Mason Avenue Extension of SR 430
CR 442 Elkcam Boulevard Extension of SR 442
CR 483 Clyde Morris Boulevard Extension of SR 483

CR 2001 Volusia–Flagler county line Old Kings Highway
CR 2002 SR A1A Volusia–Flagler county line Old Dixie Highway; Walter Boardman Lane; High Bridge Road
CR 2803 John Anderson Drive

CR 2813 SR 40 at Ormond Beach US 1 at Ormond Beach Airport Road Access Road to Ormond Beach Municipal Airport

CR 2817 CR 305 US 17 Seville area
CR 2820 US 1 at National Gardens CR 4011 at Tomoka State Park Pine Tree Drive

CR 2831 US 17 CR 305 Seville area

CR 2833 SR 40 in Volusia US 17 in Eldridge Emporia Road Pierson area

CR 2851 CR 2817 US 17 Brownlee Road; Roulerson Road

CR 4001 Halifax Avenue

CR 4009 CR 4118 at Daytona Beach SR 40 Williamson Boulevard Designated a "Scenic Thoroughfare" by City of Daytona Beach;[8] proposed southern extension to SR 44

CR 4011 SR 430 at Daytona Beach I-95 near Korona Marco Polo Blvd; Old Dixie Highway

CR 4013

CR 4015 Derbyshire Road

CR 4017 SR 483 / CR 483 at Daytona Beach CR 4019 at Daytona Beach Jimmy Ann Drive Designated a "Scenic Thoroughfare" by City of Daytona Beach[8]

CR 4019 US 92 CR 4011 LPGA Boulevard; 11th Street

CR 4023 US 17 SR 40 Lake Winona Boulevard

CR 4026 Eighth Street

CR 4030 US 17 at DeLeon Springs SR 11 in rural Volusia County Spring Garden Ranch Road; Arredondo Grant Road Passes DeLeon Springs Heights

CR 4034 US 17 north of DeLeon Springs SR 11 in rural Volusia County Blackwelder Road Passes Lake Winona

CR 4040 SR 483 / CR 483 at Daytona Beach SR A1A at Daytona Beach George W. Engram Boulevard; Fairview Avenue; Main Street Crosses Halifax River via Main Street Bridge

CR 4047 US 17 north of DeLand SR 11 Marsh Road East side of DeLand Municipal Airport

CR 4050 SR 5A at Daytona Beach SR A1A at Daytona Beach Orange Avenue; Silver Beach Avenue Crosses Halifax River via Veterans Memorial Bridge

CR 4053 SR 44 north of DeLand Junction US 17 north of DeLeon Springs Grand Avenue Former SR 40A;[6] east side of Lake Woodruff NWR

CR 4068 US 92 at Daytona Beach SR 483 near Daytona Beach International Airport Bellevue Avenue Extension

CR 4072 US 1 Big Tree Road

CR 4075 Ponce de Leon Inlet SR A1A at Daytona Beach Shores South Atlantic Avenue

CR 4079 US 1 Reed Canal Road

CR 4088 CR 4053 in Glenwood US 17 and SR 11 north of DeLand Glenwood Road

CR 4089

CR 4093 CR 4011 at Port Orange US 1 / SR A1A at New Smyrna Beach Turnbull Bay Road West of New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport

CR 4101 CR 4145 in Orange City US 92 near DeLand North Kentucky Avenue

CR 4110 CR 4125 SR 44 Old New York Avenue Road to DeLand Junction

CR 4116

CR 4118 SR 44 SR 44 Bus. Pioneer Trail Former SR 40A[6]

CR 4125

CR 4133 Saxon Drive

CR 4135 US 1 at Edgewater Riverside Drive

CR 4136 CR 4135 CR 4137 at Edgewater West Park Avenue

CR 4137 SR 442 SR 44 Old Mission Road

CR 4139 Macy Avenue Former SR 430A[6]

CR 4142

CR 4143

CR 4145 US 17 / US 92 at Orange City SR 415 at Deltona East Graves Avenue; Howland Boulevard Former SR 430A west of CR 4101[6]

CR 4146 US 17 / US 92 CR 4162 Saxon Boulevard

CR 4147 CR 4164 at Oak Hill US 1 at Nucomer Volco Road; Beacon Light Road

CR 4148 Newmark Drive

CR 4152

CR 4153 CR 5758 CR 4152

CR 4154

CR 4155

CR 4156 US 17 / US 92 at Orange City CR 4162 at Enterprise Enterprise Road

CR 4157

CR 4158

CR 4162 US 17 / US 92 at Benson Junction SR 415 at Osteen Dirksen Avenue; DeBary Avenue

CR 4164 SR 415 at Osteen US 1 at Oak Hill Osteen–Maytown Road; Maytown Road; West Halifax Avenue

CR 5758 CR 4162 at Enterprise SR 415 at Osteen Enterprise–Osteen Road


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