List of county roads in Lake County, Florida

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County road shields used in Florida
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County roads in Florida
County roads in Lake County

The following is a list of county roads in Lake County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside.

County routes in Lake County[edit]

Number Road Name(s) Direction and Termini Notes
CR 19A S–N SR 19 Eustis near Dona Vista SR 19 and CR 452A Eustis former SR 19A[1]
CR 19A Dora Avenue S–N CR Old 441 Tavares US 441 and SR 19 Eustis former SR 19A[1]
CR 19A S–N CR 44C / CR Old 441 Mount Dora US 441 and SR 19 Eustis former SR 19A[1]
CR 25 S–N Marion-Lake County Line Connant US 27-441 Lady Lake former SR 25[1]
CR 25A S–N US 27 Leesburg US 27 Leesburg former SR 25A[1]
CR 25A S–N US 27-441 Leesburg US 27-441 Fruitland Park former SR 25A[1]
CR 33 S–N SR 50 US 27 former SR 33[1]
CR 40[2] Butler Street W–E SR 40 Astor former SR 40[1]
CR 42 W–E Marion-Lake county line SR 44 former SR 42[1]
CR 44 Orange Avenue, Deland Road,
Main Street
W–E US 441 Leesburg East Orange Avenue Eustis former SR 44 (US 441 to CR 452), SR 452A (CR 452 to SR 19), and SR 44A (CR 44A to East Orange Avenue)[1]
Main Street Leesburg (former alignment of SR 44) and East Orange Avenue (part of SR 44 until ca. 2005) are also inventoried by FDOT as CR 44, but are not signed as such
CR 44 Leg A CR 44 US 441
CR 44A Griffin Road W–E CR 44C US 27 / US 441 former SR 44A, which turned south on Thomas Avenue to end at Main Street (old SR 44)[1]
CR 44A W–E CR 44 SR 44 former SR 44A[1]
CR 44A S-N CR 44A Umatilla former SR 44A[1]
CR 44B (former) S–N Mount Dora SR 44 former SR 44B[1]
became a realigned SR 44 ca. 2005 north of US 441, and the rest is no longer CR 44B
CR 44C W-E CR 468 CR 44A former SR 44C[1]
CR 44C Eudora Road S–N CR Old 441 and CR 19A Mount Dora US 441-SR 44 Mount Dora
CR 46 East First Avenue W–E CR Old 441 Mt. Dora US 441 and SR 46 Mt. Dora former SR 46[1]
CR 46A W–E SR 44 SR 46 former SR 46A[1]
CR 48 W–E Sumter-Lake county line SR 19 Howey-in-the-Hills former SR 48[1]
CR 48 W–E CR 561 Orange County (CR 448 Truck) former SR 48[1]
CR Old 50 CR Old 50, Washington Street W–E US 27 Minneola Lake-Orange County Line Killarney former SR 50
Part of the Green Mountain Scenic Byway
CR 433 S–N Dead End at Orange-Lake county line SR 46 former SR 433[1]
CR 435 Alexander Drive S–N Orange-Lake county line SR 46 Mt. Plymouth former SR 435[1]
CR 437 S–N Orange-Lake county line CR 44A former SR 437[1]
Overlaps SR 46
CR 439 S–N SR 44 CR 42 former SR 439[1]
CR Old 441 Highland Street, 5th Street, Tavares Road, Alfred Street S–N Orange-Lake county line SR 19 / SR 500A former SR 500A[1] (older US 441)
CR 445 S–N SR 19 SR 40 Astor Park former SR 445[1]
Part of the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway
CR 445A S–N SR 19 CR 445 Astor Park former SR 445A[1]
CR 448 W–E SR 19 Ellsworth Junction Lake-Orange county line former SR 448[1]
CR 448A S-N Lake Jem CR 448 former SR 448A[1]
CR 449 Silver Lake Drive, North Silver Lake Road, Stewart Road US 441 Silver Lake Around Silver Lake former SR 449[1]
CR 450 W–E Marion-Lake county line CR 42 former SR 450[1]
CR 450A W–E SR 19 CR 44A former SR 450[1]
CR 452 (Eustis) W–E Marion-Lake county line SR 19 Eustis former SR 452 and SR 44[1]
CR 452 (Lake Dora) W–E SR 19 Tavares CR Old 441 Mount Dora former SR 452[1]
CR 455 S–N SR 50 Castle Hill SR 19 Orange Blossom former SR 455[1]
Part of the Green Mountain Scenic Byway
CR 466 W–E Sumter-Lake county line US 27 / US 441 former SR 466[1]
CR 466A Miller Boulevard, Picciola Road W–E Sumter-Lake county line Picciola Island on Lake Griffin. former SR 466A[1]
CR 466B Lake Unity Road S–N CR 466A former SR 466B[1]
CR 468 S–N SR 44 near Leesburg CR 466A Fruitland Park former SR 468[1]
CR 470 W–E Sumter-Lake county line CR 33 and CR 48 Okahumpka former SR 470[1]
CR 473 Creek Road S–N US 441andnbsp;/ SR 44 Tavares CR 44 Orange Bend former SR 473[1]
CR 474 W–E SR 33 US 27 former SR 474[1]
CR 478 Cherry Lake Road W–E SR 19 former SR 478[1]
CR 561 CR 561, 12th Street, Broad Street, East Avenue, Lake Minneola Drive,
Main Avenue, Claude Pepper Memorial Highway, CR 561
S–N SR 33 SR 19 Tavares former SR 561 and SR 561A (which was CR 561A until ca. 2000)[1]
Overlapped by US 27 in Minneola
CR 561A W-E CR 561 CR 455 former SR 561A[1]
CR 565 Bay Lake Road, Myers Boulevard, Broad Street, Villa City Road S–N General James A. Van Fleet State Trail Bay Lake US 27 former SR 565[1]
gap at SR 50 between Mascotte and Groveland
CR 565A Monte Vista Road S–N CR 565B CR 561 former SR 565A[1]
CR 565B Pine Island Road SR 33 CR 561 former SR 565B[1]


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