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There are 27 routes assigned to the "A" zone of the California Route Marker Program, which designates county routes in California. The "A" zone includes county highways in Lassen, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, and Tehama counties.


County Route A1
LocationLassen County
Length35.30 mi[1] (56.81 km)
Existed1963 (southern portion); 1983 (northern portion)–present[1]

County Route A1, more commonly known as Route of the Olympic Torch, is a 35.3-mile (56.8 km) county route in Lassen County, California.

County Route A1 runs from Route 36 near Susanville to Route 139 near Eagle Lake. It was originally named Eagle Lake Road.

Major junctions
This route still exists as a bypass from Susanville for north–south motorists, but it is no longer signed as such. The entire route is in Lassen County.

0.00.0 SR 36Southern terminus
14.222.9Gallatin RoadFormer northern terminus
Spaulding27.143.6SpauldingOnly access to town
35.356.8 SR 139Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


County Route A2
LocationLassen County
Length11.41 mi[1] (18.36 km)

County Route A2 is a county route located in Lassen County, connecting SR 299 and SR 139.


County Route A3
LocationLassen County
Length8.45 mi[1] (13.60 km)

County Route A3 or StandishBuntingville Road is a road in Lassen County connected to U.S. Route 395, and functions as a bypass for northbound traffic around Susanville. At its northern end it is signed for Reno (via US 395), and its southern end for Lakeview, also via US 395.

This route still serves as bypass for north–south 395 motorists, but is no longer signed as such.


County Route A5
LocationTehama County
Length14.27 mi[1] (22.97 km)

County Route A5 or Bowman Road is a road in Tehama County connecting State Route 36 in Rosewood and I-5 in Cottonwood


County Route A6
LocationTehama County
Length15.60 mi[1] (25.11 km)

County Route A6 is a road in Tehama County connecting Malton Road in Dales to Forward Road. Along the way it has an intersection with SR 36.


County Route A7
LocationTehama County
Length4.96 mi[1] (7.98 km)

County Route A7 is a road in Tehama County connecting Live Oak Road and SR 36 in Red Bluff.


County Route A8
LocationTehama County
Length13.53 mi[1] (21.77 km)

County Route A8 is road in Tehama County connecting SR 99 in Tehama and SR 36 in Red Bluff.


County Route A9
LocationTehama County
Length30.27 mi[1] (48.71 km)

County Route A9 is a road in Tehama County connecting Round Valley Road in Paskenta and SR 99 and Interstate 5 in Corning.


County Route A10
LocationSiskiyou County
Length15.19 mi[1] (24.45 km)

County Route A10 is a 15.19-mile (24.4 km) long[1] county road in Siskiyou County near Mount Shasta. Known locally as "Everett Memorial Highway," it runs from Ski Village Drive in the town of Mount Shasta City to a dead end at the 8,000-foot (2,400 m) level on 14,162-foot (4,317 m) Mount Shasta.

The highway, completed in 1958 at a cost of $980,000 and designated in 1959,[1] was originally built to provide access to the Mount Shasta Ski Bowl, which was destroyed by an avalanche in 1978.[3] Today, the highway provides access to Mount Shasta for climbers, skiers, and anyone wanting access to the mountain.

In wintertime, the road is kept open only to the U.S.F.S outpost at the 6,000-foot (1,800 m) level.


County Route A11
LocationTehama County
Length5.16 mi[1] (8.30 km)

County Route A11 is a county route located in Tehama County and connecting Interstate 5 and CR A8 near Tehama.


County Route A12
LocationSiskiyou County
Length17.90 mi[1] (28.81 km)

County Route A12, known locally as the "99-97 cutoff", or more commonly, "the 97 cutoff", is a two-lane rural highway with a length of 17.9 miles (28.8 km).[1] A12 begins in the west at its junction with Old 99 Highway, which was once US 99. Just a few dozen yards to the east, it intersects Interstate 5. Its eastern terminus is at US 97, 12 miles (19 km) north of Weed.

CR A12

One mile east of the Interstate junction, it passes through the tiny village of Grenada, the only population center of any merit along the route. 7 miles (11 km) further east is the burg Mayten, which consists only of a convenience store, a church, and an elementary school.

The route is heavily used by travellers and truckers southbound on Interstate 5 who wish to use US 97 northbound en route to Klamath Falls and points north. This route saves over 13 miles (21 km) than if the alternative routing via I-5 to Weed, then north on US 97 was used. Hence, the local name "97 cutoff".

The western two-thirds of the route passes through agricultural areas, and is very reminiscent of two-lane farm roads in California's Central Valley. However, the eastern portion is very scenic, passing through an area with towering dark red crags and buttes to the north.


County Route A13
LocationPlumas County
Length3.79 mi[1] (6.10 km)

County Route A13, also known as Walker Memorial Road, is a road in Plumas County connected to SR 36.


County Route A14
LocationPlumas County
Length5.69 mi[1] (9.16 km)

County Route A14 is a road in Plumas County connecting SR 89 and Johnsville.


County Route A15
LocationPlumas County
Length8.35 mi[1] (13.44 km)

County Route A15 is a road in Plumas County connecting SR 89 and SR 70 in Portola. On its northern end, after passing through the Old Town commercial district of Portola, A15 passes the Western Pacific Railroad Museum.


County Route A16
LocationShasta County
Length38.74 mi[1] (62.35 km)

County Route A16 or Platina Road is a county route located in Shasta County connecting SR 36 to SR 273 in Redding. Known locally as Ditch Grade Road ;the final 6.5-mile (10.5 km) section before the junction with SR 36 closely follows the contour of hillside as this route was previously used to bring water to the mine at Platina. There is a rock formation some 6.5 miles (10.5 km) from SR 36 known as Old Man Rock or The Lincoln Memorial .


County Route A17
LocationTehamaShasta County
Length19.19 mi[1] (30.88 km)

County Route A17 is a county route in the U.S. State of California, located in Shasta County and Tehama County, connecting I-5 near Cottonwood and California State Route 44 near Inwood.


County Route A18
LocationShasta County
Length8.83 mi[1] (14.21 km)
California Scenic.svg Lake Boulevard[4]

County Route A18 is a road in Shasta County on the State Scenic Highway System connecting SR 273 (as well as Interstate 5 and SR 299) in Redding and Shasta Dam.


County Route A19
LocationShasta County
Length17.40 mi[1] (28.00 km)

County Route A19 is a county route in Shasta County connecting SR 299 to SR 89.


County Route A20
LocationShasta County
Length5.56 mi[1] (8.95 km)

County Route A20 is a county route located in Shasta County connecting SR 89 to CR A19.


County Route A21
LocationLassenPlumas County
Length22.60 mi[1] (36.37 km)

County route A21, or Mooney Rd. connects California State Route 147 to California State Route 44 and intersects California State Route 36 along the way.


County Route A22
LocationPlumas County
Length4.54 mi[1] (7.31 km)



County Route A23
LocationPlumasSierra County
Length12.81 mi[1] (20.62 km)

County Road A23 connects SR 49/SR 89 near Sattley to SR 70 near Beckwourth passing through the Sierra Valley on its west side. In the northerly direction, County Road A23 begins at the junction of SR 49/SR 89 at Sattley, formerly known as Church's Corners, which is a census-designated place in Sierra County. The road leaves Sattley as Westside Road. It passes near Calpine, a census-designated place in Sierra County where the road becomes Beckwourth-Calpine Road and continues to SR 70 near Beckwourth, a census-designated place in Plumas County.


County Route A24
LocationPlumasSierra County
Length15.35 mi[1] (24.70 km)


County Route A25
LocationLassen County
Length4.20 mi[1] (6.76 km)

This short highway, paired with A26, services Herlong and the Sierra Army Depot.


County Route A26
LocationLassen County
Length3.82 mi[1] (6.15 km)

This short highway, paired with A25, serves Herlong and the Sierra Army Depot.


County Route A27
LocationLassen County
Length15.02 mi[1] (24.17 km)


County Route A28
LocationSiskiyou County

County Route A28 is a two-lane rural highway. A28 begins at CR A12 in Grenada, connecting Grenada with I-5 near Hornbrook via Montague. It is a flat, level route, and for this reason, was the original preferred routing for both US 99 and I-5 through the area. In both instances, the routing was changed because of intense lobbying by officials in Yreka, who decried the fact that the major highway through the county would bypass the county seat. Thus, both highways ended up being built over far more rigorous terrain at a huge cost increase.

CR A28 at SR 3 in Montague

A28 serves the aforementioned three towns, as well as numerous homes and ranches along the way.


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