County Wexford (UK Parliament constituency)

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For other similarly named constituencies, see Wexford (constituency) (disambiguation).
Wexford County
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members Two
Replaced by North Wexford and South Wexford

Wexford County was a UK Parliament constituency in Ireland, which returned two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the United Kingdom House of Commons.


This constituency comprised the whole of County Wexford, except for the Parliamentary boroughs of New Ross and Wexford Borough.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Year 1st Member 1st Party 2nd Member 2nd Party
1801, 1 January Viscount Loftus Abel Ram
1806, 27 May Caesar Colclough
1806, 17 November John Colclough Robert Shapland Carew
1807, 1 June Abel Ram William Congreve Alcock
1812, 10 October Robert Carew Whig Sir Frederick Flood, Bt
1818, 21 July Caesar Colclough
1820, 21 March Viscount Stopford
1830, 19 August Arthur Chichester Viscount Valentia
1831, 18 May Henry Lambert Whig
1831, 27 September Robert Carew Whig
1834, 3 July Cadwallader Waddy
1835, 27 January John Maher Irish Repeal James Power Irish Repeal
1841, 16 Jul Villiers Francis Hatton
1847, 10 August James Fagan Hamilton Knox Grogan Morgan
1852, 26 July Patrick McMahon John George
1857, 10 March John Hatchell
1859, 16 May John George
1865, 24 Jul Sir James Power, Bt.
1866, 15 November Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh
1868, 24 November John Talbot Power Matthew Peter D'Arcy
1874, 23 February Sir George Bowyer, Bt. Keyes O'Clery
1880, 14 April John Barry Garrett Michael Byrne
1883, 15 June John Francis Small
1885 Constituency divided: see North Wexford and South Wexford