County of Cilli

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County of Cilli
Grafschaft Cilli
Possessions in the 15th century  Principality: Celje and Ortenburg (from 1418)  Fiefs
Possessions in the 15th century
  Principality: Celje and Ortenburg (from 1418)
Status County
Capital Celje
Government County
Historical era Late Middle Ages
• Reichsfreiheit
• Acquired Ortenburg
• Count Ulrich II killed
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Wappen Herzogtum Steiermark.jpg Duchy of Styria
Duchy of Styria Wappen Herzogtum Steiermark.jpg

The County of Cilli (German: Cilli, Slovene: Celje) was a Medieval county in the territory of the present-day Slovenia. It was governed by the Counts of Cilli.