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Count of Olocau is a title of the Spanish nobility. Olocau is located in the Spanish province of Valencia.

List of Counts of Olocau[edit]

  • xxxx - xxxx: Joaquin de Puigdorfila y Zaforteza, 9th Count of Olocau (b. xxxx - d.27 January 1987),[1][2]
  • xxxx - 2011: Felipe de Puigdorfila y Villalonga, 10th Count of Olocau (b.xxxx - d. 2011)[2]
  • 2011–present: Joaquín de Puigdorfila y Esteve, 11th Count of Olocau[3][4]

The heiress presumptive is the present holder's daughter, Veronica de Puigdorfila Iturregui.

The current Count is the cousin of Rosario Nadal, the wife of HRH Kyril, Prince of Preslav.


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