County of Robinson

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South Australia
Murphys Haystacks.jpg
Murphy's Haystacks at Mortana in the Hundred of Rounsevell
Robinson is located in South Australia
Coordinates 32°53′S 134°42′E / 32.88°S 134.70°E / -32.88; 134.70Coordinates: 32°53′S 134°42′E / 32.88°S 134.70°E / -32.88; 134.70
Established 1883
Area 6,926 km2 (2,674.1 sq mi)
Lands administrative divisions around Robinson:
Way Dufferin
Ocean Robinson Le Hunte
Ocean Ocean Musgrave

The County of Robinson is one of the 49 counties of South Australia. It was proclaimed in 1883 by Governor William Robinson who named it after himself.[1] It lies on the north west coast of Eyre Peninsula stretching from Streaky Bay inland to include the Gawler Ranges Conservation Park at the southern cusp of the Gawler Ranges.[1]

Local government spanning the county includes the District Council of Streaky Bay and District Council of Elliston, both established in 1888, and the District Council of Wudinna, establishedin 1925.


The County of Robinson is divided into the following 24 hundreds which cross over the Streaky Bay district and Wudinna district council areas:

A twenty fifth county subdivision, the Hundred of McBeath, was planned or possibly proclaimed between the hundreds of Wright, Addison, Travers, Wallis and Downer, but the name was never gazetted.[2]


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