Coup d'etat Brooklyn

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coup d'etat BROOKLYN
United States
Key people
Daoud Abeid, Rasu Jilani, Suhail Smit.

coup d'etat Brooklyn /kdˈtɑː/ is a graphically bold military-inspired clothing company and lifestyle brand based out of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, whose brand philosophy follows the principle "live to change something.” [1]

Brand history[edit]

coup d’etat Brooklyn launched in Fall 2004 after American co-founders Daoud Abeid and Rasu Jilani, decided to embrace the definition of coup d'etat as a brand concept. The brand aims to “change” the current “state” of street wear or urban fashion, and the art community. The clothing line has been featured in SPIN Magazine (cover),[2] The Source, Clutch Magazine,[3] Complex Magazine,[4] and other international publications.


The line consists of jackets, crew neck sweaters, graphic T-shirts and hoodies-usually with social content or bold messages that corresponds to the brand concept. Clothing can be found throughout urban neighborhoods and consumers who are inspired by both pop culture and the social-political climate. Entertainers such as RZA, Ryan Grant of the Green Bay Packers,[citation needed] Erykah Badu, Malik Yoba and Charlie Murphy have been seen wearing the apparel.[5]


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