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Court of Appeal of Malaysia
Mahkamah Rayuan Malaysia
Country Malaysia
LocationPalace of Justice, Putrajaya, FT
Composition methodRoyal appointment with the advice of the Prime Minister
Authorized byFederal Constitution
Decisions are appealed toFederal Court of Malaysia
Judge term lengthCompulsory retirement at age 66
No. of positions33 (including 3 vacancies)
President of the Court of Appeal of Malaysia
CurrentlyAhmad Maarop
Since11 July 2018

The Court of Appeal is an appellate court of the judiciary system in Malaysia. It is the second highest court in the hierarchy below the Federal Court. This court was created in 1994 as part of reforms made to the judiciary to create a second tier appellate court after the Privy Council appeals to the United Kingdom was abolished in 1985. The court is headed by the President of the Court of Appeal of Malaysia, who is the second most senior post in Malaysian judiciary after the Chief Justice of Malaysia.

On 11 July 2018, Ahmad Maarop was sworn-in by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to replace Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin, who handed his resignation from the post following the 14th Malaysian general election.[1]

Presidents of the Court of Appeal[edit]

President Appointment date Departure date
Abdul Malek Ahmad 2004 2007
Abdul Hamid Mohamad 2007 2007
Zaki Azmi 2007 2008
Alauddin Mohd Sheriff 2008 2011
Md Raus Sharif 2011 2017
Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin 2017 2018
Ahmad Maarop 2018 Incumbent

Current judges[edit]

This is the list of current judges[2] of the Court of Appeal.

Judges Date of appointment
Ahmad Maarop
President of the Court
11 July 2018
Mohtarudin Baki 10 August 2011
Hamid Sultan Abu Backer 8 January 2013
Umi Kalthum Abdul Majid 30 September 2013
Ahmadi Asnawi 12 September 2014
Badariah Sahamid 12 September 2014
Ong Lam Kiat Vernon 12 September 2014
Abdul Rahman Sebli 12 September 2014
Zaleha Yusof 21 March 2016
Kamardin Hashim 21 March 2016
Mary Lim Thiam Suan 21 March 2016
Yaacob Md Sam 21 March 2016
Zabariah Mohd Yusof 21 March 2016
Hasnah Mohamed Hashim 21 March 2016
Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal 21 March 2016
Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil 21 March 2016
Suraya Othman 23 September 2017
Yeoh Wee Siam 23 September 2017
Rhodzariah Bujang 23 September 2017
Stephen Chung Hian Guan 27 April 2018
Hanipah Farikullah 27 April 2018
Kamaludin Md Said 27 April 2018
Lau Bee Lan 26 November 2018
Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah 26 November 2018
Yew Jen Kie 26 November 2018
Nor Bee Ariffin 26 November 2018
Has Zanah Mehat 26 November 2018


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