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The Court of Common Council is the primary decision-making body of the City of London Corporation. It meets nine times per year. Most of its work is carried out by committees. Elections are held at least every four years. It is largely composed of independent members although the number of Labour Party Common Councilmen in 2017 grew to five out of a total of 100.[1] In October 2018, the Labour Party gained its sixth seat on the Common Council with a by-election victory in Castle Baynard ward.[2]

Court of Common Council elected March 2017[edit]

Map of the results of the City of London Corporation election, 2017. Each ward has several boxes, each representing an elected councillor. Boxes are coloured according to the party affiliation of the elected councillors, and the order in which they were elected - so for instance in Portsoken the two Labour councillors received the most votes. Wards are coloured in relation to the party/group that received the most votes there - so for instance in Portsoken, whilst 2 Labour candidates topped the poll, Independent candidates received a majority of the vote. In wards coloured dark grey no contests took place, and councillors were elected uncontested. Red represents Labour, Blue represents Temple & Farringdon Together, and grey represents Independents.
Ward Councilmen elected March 2017 Party
Aldersgate (6) Joyce C Nash Ind.
Barbara Newman Ind.
Jeremy Mayhew Ind.
Randall Anderson Ind.
Adrian Bastow Ind.
Richard Crossan Labour
Aldgate (5) Douglas Barrow Ind.
Andrien Meyers Ind.
Hugh Morris Ind.
Sylvia Moys Ind.
Dhruv Patel Ind.
Bassishaw (2) Graeme Harrower Ind.
Robert Merrett Ind.
Billingsgate (2) Jamie Ingham Clark Ind.
Michael Welbank Ind.
Bishopsgate (6) Simon Duckworth Ind.
Prem Goyal Ind.
Wendy Hyde Ind.
Andrew Paul Mayer Ind.
Patricia Scotland Ind.
Tom Sleigh Ind.
Bread Street(2) Oliver Lodge Ind.
Giles Shilson Ind.
Bridge(2) Tim Levene Ind.
Keith Bottomley Ind.
Broad Street(3) John Bennett Ind.
Christopher Hayward Ind.
John Scott Ind.
Candlewick(2) Kevin Everett Ind.
James de Sausmarez Ind.
Castle Baynard(8) Catherine McGuinness Ind.
Christopher Boden Ind.
Emma Edhem Ind.
Michael Hudson Ind.
Angus Knowles-Cutler Ind.
Graham Packham Ind.
Henrika Priest Ind.
Jeremy Simons Ind.
Cheap(3) Alastair Moss Ind.
Nicholas Bensted-Smith Ind.
Tijs Broeke Ind.
Coleman Street (4) Michael Cassidy Ind.
Sophie Fernandes Ind.
Stuart Fraser Ind.
Andrew McMurtrie Ind.
Cordwainer (3) Alex Barr Ind.
Mark Boleat Ind.
Michael Snyder Ind.
Cornhill (3) Stephen Haines Ind.
Peter Dunphy Ind.
Ian Seaton Ind.
Cripplegate (8) John Tomlinson Ind.
Mark Bostock Ind.
David Bradshaw Ind.
Mary Durcan Labour
Vivienne Littlechild Ind.
Susan Pearson Ind.
William Pimlott Labour
Stephen Quilter Ind.
Dowgate (2) Henry Pollard Ind.
Mark Wheatley Ind.
Farringdon Within (8) Clare James Ind.
Thomas Anderson Ind.
Matthew Bell Ind.
Karina Dostalova Ind.
Christopher Hill Ind.
Ann Holmes Ind.
Richard Regan Ind.
Graeme Smith Ind.
Farringdon Without (10) John Absalom Ind.
George Abrahams Ind.
Caroline Addy Ind.
Gregory Lawrence Ind.
Edward Lord Ind.
Paul Martinelli Ind.
Wendy Mead Ind.
Ruby Sayed Ind.
Oliver Sells Ind.
William Upton Ind.
Langbourn (3) Philip Woodhouse Ind.
John Chapman Ind.
Judith Pleasance Ind.
Lime Street (4) Elizabeth Rogula Ind.
Dominic Christian Ind.
Thomas Clementi Ind.
Henry Colthurst Ind.
Portsoken Henry Jones Ind.
Munsur Ali Labour
John Fletcher Ind.
Jason Pritchard Labour
Queenhithe Brian Mooney Ind.
Caroline Haines Ind.
Tower Roger Chadwick Ind.
Anne Fairweather Ind.
Marianne Fredericks Ind.
James Tumbridge Ind.
Vintry Tom Hoffman Ind.
Rehana Ameer Ind.
Walbrook James Thomson Ind.
Peter Bennett Ind.


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