Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick

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The Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick (in French: Cour du Banc de la Reine du Nouveau-Brunswick) is the superior court of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.


  • The Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick consists of a Chief Justice among 21 justices plus 7 justices who have elected supernumerary status after many years of service and after having attained eligibility for retirement.[1]

Current Justices (including district)[edit]

The Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick is, as of September 2016, The Honourable David D. Smith.

Name Surname County
Justice Guy W. Boisvert* Bathurst
Justice Jacques A. Sirois* Moncton
Justice Raymond J. Guerette* Campbellton
Justice Paul S. Creaghan* Moncton
Justice Alfred R. Landry* Moncton
Justice David H. Russell* Fredericton
Justice Hugh H. McLellan Saint John
Justice Roger Savoie* Moncton
Justice Thomas W. Riordon* Miramichi
Justice Roger McIntyre* Bathurst
Justice Myrna F. Athey* Fredericton
Justice Judy L. Clendening Fredericton
Justice Gladys J. Young Campbellton
Justice George S. Rideout Moncton
Justice Paulette C. Garnett Fredericton
Justice Peter S. Glennie Saint John
Justice Brigitte M. Robichaud Moncton
Justice Réginald Léger Bathurst
Justice Lucie A. LaVigne Edmundston
Justice Anne D. Wooder Fredericton
Justice Colette M. d'Entremont Moncton
Justice Robert L. Tuck Moncton
Justice William T. Grant Saint John
Justice Stephen J. McNally Moncton
Justice Thomas E. Cyr Edmundston
Justice Michel A. Robichaud Bathurst
Justice Barbara L. Baird Fredericton
Justice Raymond T. French Saint John
Justice Zoël R. Dionne Moncton
Justice Jean-Paul Ouellette Miramichi
Justice Frederick P. Ferguson Miramichi
Justice Terrence J. Morrison Woodstock
Justice Bruce A. Noble Saint John
Justice John J. Walsh Saint John
  • * indicates supernumerary justice

Former Justices (including district)[edit]


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