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New Zealand Parliament
Years Term Electorate Party
1868–1870 4th Picton Independent
1871–1875 5th Picton Independent
1876–1879 6th Picton Independent
1879–1881 7th Picton Independent

Courtney William Alymer Thomas Kenny [1] (25 December 1835 – 12 December 1905) was a 19th-century Member of Parliament from the Marlborough Region, New Zealand.

Courtenay and his wife (Georgina Paulina Edith Kenny, 1835-1899,[2]) are reported to have arrived in Port Nicholson on the 'Philip Laing' 23 December 1856 [3] and to have established and named the 'Lochmara Run' in Queen Charlotte Sound, centred on Double Cove Bay and what was to become Lochmara Bay, in 1857.[4] They later farmed ‘The Rocks’ in Double Cove, until their deaths.[5]

Courtenay Kenny is reported to have been born in India, probably Moulmein (now in Burma), to an Indian army officer.[6] His wife was born in Geilston, Dumbarton, Scotland, also to an Indian army father.[7] Both were educated in England.[8]

Courtenay, having risen from ensign[9] to captain[10] in the 88th (Connaught Rangers) Regiment of Foot, served in Crimea and then exchanged to the 94th (Scotch) Regiment.[11] He was founding Captain of the Marlborough Volunteers 1860-1[12] and Marlborough Commissioner of Crown Lands 1862-1866,[13] then represented the Picton electorate from an 1866 by-election till 1881, when he retired.[14] He was appointed to the New Zealand Legislative Council on 15 May 1885 and served until his death on 12 December 1905.[15]


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New Zealand Parliament
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