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Love attending an event in 2014.

Courtney Love is an American musician and actress who began her professional career in film in 1986 with a supporting role in Alex Cox's Sid and Nancy (1986); she had prior studied film with experimental director George Kuchar at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1984, and appeared in one of Kuchar's short films. After pursuing music and having a successful career as the frontwoman of alternative rock band Hole, Love also had intermittent roles in films, most notably receiving critical attention for her performance as Althea Flynt in Miloš Forman's 1996 biopic The People vs. Larry Flynt, which earned her a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actress, as well as awards from the Boston, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles film critics associations. Love later appeared among an ensemble cast in 200 Cigarettes (1998), as well as in a leading role in Man on the Moon (1999) alongside Jim Carrey, for which she received critical recognition.[1] She later appeared in several independent films and short subjects as well as the thriller Trapped (2002) alongside Charlize Theron and Kevin Bacon, and Julie Johnson (2001), for which she received an award for Best Actress at Los Angeles' gay and lesbian Outfest film festival.

In 2014, Love joined the cast of the FX series Sons of Anarchy for the show's seventh and final season in a recurring role; this marked Love's debut role in a television series.[2] Subsequent television work included appearances on the ABC-TV nighttime soap Revenge as well as the hit Lee Daniels drama Empire. In 2018, Love made a supporting appearance in director Justin Kelly's JT LeRoy.

Love has also appeared in a multitude of documentary films as both an interviewee as well as in archival and live footage, including the Sonic Youth documentary subject 1991: The Year Punk Broke (1992); Not Bad for a Girl (1995), which focused on women in alternative music; and Hit So Hard (2011), which documented the life of Love's bandmate, drummer Patty Schemel.


Films that have not yet been released Denotes films that have not yet been released
Year Title Role Director Notes Budget (USD) Box office (USD)[i] Ref.
1984 Club Vatican Girl George Kuchar Short film Unknown N/A [4]
1986 Sid and Nancy Gretchen Alex Cox $4,000,000 $2,826,523 [5]
1987 Straight to Hell Velma $1,000,000 $210,200 [5]
1988 Tapeheads Norman's Spanker Bill Fishman Uncredited $10,000,000 $343,786 [5]
1996 Basquiat Big Pink Julian Schnabel $3,300,000 $3,011,195 [5]
Feeling Minnesota Rhonda Steven Baigelman Unknown $3,124,440 [5]
The People vs. Larry Flynt Althea Leasure Flynt Miloš Forman $35,000,000 $20,300,385 [5]
1999 200 Cigarettes Lucy Risa Bramon Garcia $6,000,000 $6,852,450 [5]
Man on the Moon Lynne Margulies Miloš Forman $82,000,000 $47,434,430 [5]
2000 Beat Joan Vollmer Burroughs Gary Walkow Unknown N/A [6]
2001 Julie Johnson Claire Bob Gosse Unknown N/A [7]
2002 Trapped Cheryl Luis Mandoki $30,000,000 $13,414,416 [5]
2005 Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula Caligula Francesco Vezzoli Short film Unknown N/A [8]
2011 Courtney In Wonderland Herself Jason Bell Short film Unknown N/A [9]
2018 JT LeRoy Sasha Justin Kelly Unknown N/A [10]
2019 The Long Home dagger Pearl James Franco Unknown N/A [11]


Year Series Role Notes Ref.
2003 The Osbournes Herself 1 episode [12]
2005 Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson Herself [13]
2014 Sons of Anarchy Ms. Harrison Recurring role; 4 episodes [2]
2015 Empire Elle Dallas Recurring role; 2 episodes [14]
Revenge White Gold Guest star; 3 episodes [15]
2017 Menendez: Blood Brothers Kitty Menendez Television film [16]
A Midsummer's Nightmare Titania Featured role; TV movie/backdoor pilot [17]
2018 RuPaul's Drag Race Herself (guest judge) 1 episode [18]

Documentary subjects[edit]

Year Documentary features Role Director(s) Notes Ref.
1993 1991: The Year Punk Broke Herself David Markey [19]
1995 Not Bad for a Girl Lisa Rose Apramian [20]
1997 Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini [21]
1998 Kurt & Courtney Nick Broomfield [22]
1999 Clara Bow: Discovering the "It" Girl Hugh Munro Neely Voice-over narrator [23]
2000 Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope Steven Cantor [24]
2001 Eminem: Behind the Mask Peter Emina [25]
2001 Last Party 2000 Rebecca Chaiklin, Donovan Leitch [26]
2003 Mayor of the Sunset Strip George Hickenlooper [27]
2006 The Return of Courtney Love Will Yapp Produced for Channel 4 [28]
2011 Hit So Hard P. David Ebersole [29]
2011 Bob and the Monster Keirda Bahruth [30]
2012 Sunset Strip Hans Fjellestad [31]
2015 Montage of Heck Brett Morgen [32]

Music videos[edit]

Year Songs Artist(s) Directors Notes
1988 "I Wanna Be Sedated" Ramones Bill Fishman Uncredited
1992 "Garbadge Man" Hole Unknown
1993 "Beautiful Son" Unknown Unreleased
1994 "Miss World" Sophie Muller
"Doll Parts" Samuel Bayer
1995 "Violet" Mark Seliger, Fred Woodward
"Softer, Softest" Milton Lage MTV Unplugged performance
1996 "Gold Dust Woman" Matt Mahurin Recorded for The Crow: City of Angels soundtrack
1998 "Celebrity Skin" Nancy Bardawil
"Malibu" Paul Hunter
1999 "Awful" Jeff Richter Live footage
2000 "Be a Man" Joseph Kahn and Joe Rey Released for Any Given Sunday soundtrack
2004 "Mono" Courtney Love Chris Milk
2011 "Samantha" Hole Alphan Eseli
2014 "Rat a Tat" Fall Out Boy
"You Know My Name" Courtney Love Maximilla Lukacs
2018 "Tattooed in Reverse" Marilyn Manson

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