Courtney Webb

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Courtney Webb
Born Laura Franki Webb
London, England
Occupation Actress, writer

Laura Franki "Courtney" Webb is a British actress and writer.

Early life[edit]

Webb was born in London, the daughter of a British father and a Colombian mother. She attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts.


Webb started acting at the age of five, when she appeared in the West End production of A Tale of Two Cities. In July 2006, Webb's talent agency debunked rumors that she was going to play Miku in the upcoming movie Fatal Frame. She dropped the role of starring in the film version of the videogame Fatal Frame as the heroine Miku Hinasaki so she filmed a part in the film version of the videogame Forbidden Siren. In 2007, she focused mainly on theater work. By age 16 she had started acting in minor films such as Girl and the film version of the video game Blood Bath.

Webb tried out for the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, but lost out to Emma Watson. She has voiced anime shows such as Diamond Daydreams and also provided voiceovers on British television series, most notably 2DTV.

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