Coutchman, Texas

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Coutchman (sometimes spelled Couchman) is a ghost town in northern Freestone County, Texas, United States, some 5 miles west of Streetman on farm road 489.

Coutchman was settled around 1850 and named after local landowner William Coutchman. It had a peak population of about 300 people. Coutchman had a post office from January 1894 to February 1905, at which time post was directed to the post office in Wortham. In the 1910 census Coutchman was listed as having a population of 100 people. By 1980 there was no listing. The area ceased to have an identity as a separate community later in the 20th century.

Coutchman is best known as the birthplace of blues great Blind Lemon Jefferson.