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James Coutts Crawford

James Coutts Crawford (19 January 1817 – 8 April 1889), known as Coutts Crawford, was a Naval officer, farmer, scientist, explorer and public servant in New Zealand.

Bethia Featherston (left), former Colonial Secretary Andrew Sinclair and Crawford's second wife Jessie

He was born in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, the son of naval officer James Coutts Crawford, and his second wife, Jane. He first came to New Zealand in 1839. He settled in Wellington and called his land holding Kilbirnie after the town in Scotland; the name is still in use as a Wellington suburb.[1] Crawford was active in local affairs. He served on the New Zealand Legislative Council from 1859 to 1867. He died in London in 1889.[2]

Mount Crawford (South Australia) is named after him.[3]


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