Cova (crater)

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Ribeira do Paul - Cova Krater 1176 HM.ü.NN 02.JPG
Inside the Cova Crater
Highest point
Elevation1,166 m (3,825 ft) [1]
ListingList of mountains in Cape Verde
Coordinates17°06′28″N 25°03′46″W / 17.1077°N 25.0627°W / 17.1077; -25.0627Coordinates: 17°06′28″N 25°03′46″W / 17.1077°N 25.0627°W / 17.1077; -25.0627[1]
Cova is located in Cape Verde
eastcentral Santo Antão
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Easiest routehiking, dirt road

Cova is a volcanic caldera in the eastcentral part of the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde. It is situated at the southwestern end of the municipality of Paul. Its lowest point is 1,166 meters, and the highest point of the crater rim is about 1,500 m. The diameter of the caldera is about 1.0 km. It forms a part of Cova-Paul-Ribeira da Torre Natural Park.[2] The Cova formation dates from between 1.4 million and 700,000 years ago.[3]

The Cova crater benefits from high precipitation values carried by trade winds. At the bottom of the caldera maize and beans are grown. Natural and semi-natural vegetation occupies the crater walls facing north and northeast. South facing walls are covered with a forest of Pinus and Cupressus species.[4] There is a small village in the crater (population 10 at the 2010 census),[5] part of the settlement Cabo da Ribeira.

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