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Covenant Bible College or Covenant Bible College Canada, CBC-Canada, or CBC as it was most commonly referred to was a vocational/Bible college was located in Strathmore, Alberta where the last campus was held. It closed in 2007.



CBC-Canada begin in 1941 in Norquay, Saskatchewan under the name Covenant Bible Institute. The idea of this institute/college would come out of the Canada Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Originally it was a three year course, but by 1957 it became a two year course, and in 1962 CBI (Covenant Bible Institute) was condensed into a one year program. During its first 50 years, CBI/CBC was led by Joel Peterson and Wendell Anderson. During that time, the class size would range anywhere from 25-45 students with the central focus being the equipping of young adults to serve the church as Biblically literate and spiritually formed lay persons.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan campus[edit]

Covenant Bible College relocated to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1944. It remained in Prince Albert until it moved to Strathmore in 1995.

Strathmore, Alberta campus[edit]

Strathmore, Alberta is located 30 minutes east of Calgary. With a population of about 9,500, offering students a small town atmosphere. The campus is situated on 5 acres (2 ha) of land. CBC-Canada offers students four dorms that house 22 students each. Each dorm contains single and double rooms, plenty of space to lounge about, a games room, laundry room, and kitchen. For easier access, the dorms are connected to the building for convenience during the winter months. The campus also has an administration building with classrooms, library, cafeteria and a full size gym with hardwood floor.


Each year CBC-Canada held several events. Many of the events are geared towards youth of junior and senior high school ages.

Extreme Impact[edit]

Extreme Impact, or just Extreme as it was commonly called, was a weekend youth conference held in March. It was planned and organized by each year's class as part of the campus commitment to providing opportunities in ministry. Students received the opportunity to serve in the name of Jesus. The students also had the chance to uncover and utilize the many gifts they possess, while at the same time, leading younger students and youth leaders in a weekend of worship and discipleship.

Jr. Hi Jam[edit]

Jr. Hi Jam was a weekend youth conference held during the May long weekend, targeted towards junior high students from grades 7-9.


After 66 years in operation Covenant Bible College ceased operations. The cause of the closure was declining enrollment and donations.[1] The former CBC campus was sold for $5.5 million. It was sold to another Christian organization EnCharis.[2]

Notable alumni[edit]


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