Covenant Presbyterian Church

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For the Covenant Presbyterian Church of Chicago, see All Saints Cathedral, Chicago.
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Classification Protestant
Orientation Calvinist
Theology Presbyterian
Origin 2006
Separated from Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly
Congregations 17[1]

The Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) is a Presbyterian denomination with 17 member churches in the US.[2]

Their distinctive beliefs include Young Earth Creationism, the inerrancy of the Bible, family integrated church and the promotion of homeschooling and Christian schools.[3] They are known for permitting the practice of paedocommunion with approval of a local church's session.[4]

The church is Reformed in theology, and postmillennial eschatology. It subscribes to the Westminster Confession, the Westminster Larger Catechism and Westminster Shorter Catechism[5] and the Nicene Creed.[6]


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