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Not to be confused with Covenant College.
CU's Senate Building is an ultra modern beautiful masterpiece. The architectural masterpiece has been widely acclaimed by critics and others. It is believed to be the most beautiful university senate building in Nigeria and all of West Africa.
Covenant University, Senate Building. It is reputed to be the most beautiful university senate building in Nigeria and all of West Africa.
Covenant University
Covenant university.jpg
Motto Raising a New Generation of Leaders
Type Private
Established 21st October, 2002
Chancellor Dr. David Oyedepo
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Charles Ayo
Location Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
Campus Ota
Two of CU's ten halls
Covenant University Female halls of Residence.

Covenant University is located in Ota, Ogun State in Nigeria. It is a Private Christian University and a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.[1][2] In January 2015, it was ranked as the best university in Nigeria according to Webometrics.[3][4][5]


On October 21, 2002, Covenant University opened. Covenant University is located in Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State. CU is a University, founded on a Christian (specifically, Pentecostal) mission ethos. Covenant University (CU) is a product of the Liberation Commission. The drive to embark on the process of founding CU came about October 1999, one month after the dedication of Faith Tabernacle, ota, Nigeria, the largest church auditorium in the world, built in one year with only local resources. Covenant University was established by the World Mission Agency (an arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners' Chapel). David Oyedepo, the founder and presiding Bishop of Winners' Chapel, is Chancellor of the University.


World Mission Agency (WMA), a Christian mission organization, (an arm of Living Faith Church World Wide founded by Dr. David Oyedepo) is the proprietor of Covenant University. In his capacity as the visioner of the University, Dr. Oyedepo serves as the life Chancellor of the University and the Chairman of the Board of Trustee of World Mission Agency. It is the Board of Trustee of World Mission Agency that appoints members and also elects the Chairman of the Board of Regents (Governing Council) of Covenant University. The Board is the apex governing body of the University.


The Chancellor of the University, Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Regents.


This office no longer exists in Covenant University.

The Previous

The Pro chancellor of the University, Pastor Abraham Ojeme. His appointment took effect from September 2013. This was announced by the Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Dr. David Oyedepo at a Chancellor’s special meeting with the University’s enlarged Management team on September 23, 2013. The Chancellor said the appointment will facilitate decision making and approval process in the University as well as spiritual oversight of the University community. According to the job description read by the Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor will represent the interest of the proprietors on behalf of the Chancellor by providing visionary, spiritual and administrative oversight for the University through qualitative pursuit of her vision and mission while serving as the custodian of her culture and values.


The current Vice-Chancellor is Professor Charles Ayo, who replaced Professor Aize Obayan in 2012. The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Academic Officer of the University. In this capacity, he/she is the Chief Responsibility Officer for University’s operations. Academic administration is planted firmly in the highest academic authority of the university which is the Senate. The Vice Chancellor is the Chairman of University Senate and exercises all powers granted him/her in the law that established the University in respect of guiding and directing the university’s academic activities. He/She holds in trust the Chancellor’s executive responsibilities and authority in all areas where the Chancellor so delegates. He/She also serves as a member of the Board of Regents.

Deputy Vice Chancellor[edit]

Prof. Taiwo Abioye

Present =[edit]

The Deputy Vice Chancellor is responsible to the Vice Chancellor. The office provide Academic and Administrative Leadership support for the Vice Chancellor by ensuring excellent and harmonious discharge of responsibilities assigned to him.

Other officers[edit]

  • Deans of Colleges
  • Deputy Deans of Schools
  • Director of Physical Planning and Development
  • Director of the Centre for Learning Resources
  • Director of Financial Services Department
  • Director of the Centre for Life Long Learning
  • Director of the Centre for System & Information Services
  • Director Centre for Research and Development
  • Director of Strategic Business Unit
  • Director of Academic Planning Unit
  • Director of Quality Assurance and Academic Standard
  • Director Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies

Academic programmes[edit]

Covenant University academic programmes are run in two Colleges and six schools. The Colleges, Schools and programmes are as follow: the college of developmental studies (CDS)and The College of science and technology (CST). The schools are listed below:

School of Business and Social Sciences[edit]

  • School of Business
  1. Accounting
  2. Banking And Finance
  3. Business Management
  • School of Social Sciences
  1. Economics And Development Studies
  2. Demography and social statistics
  3. Mass Communication
  4. Sociology

School of Leadership Development Studies[edit]

  • School of School of Leadership development
  1. Leadership Studies
  2. Languages and General Studies
  • School of Human Resource Development
  1. Political Science & International Relations
  2. Psychology
  • School of Natural and Applied Sciences
  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Computer and Information Sciences
  5. Biological Sciences
  • School of Environmental Sciences
  1. Building Technology
  2. Architecture
  3. Estate Management

School of Engineering[edit]

  • School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Petroleum Engineering
  • School of Applied Engineering
  1. Electrical & Information Engineering (EIE)
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering

School of Postgraduate Studies[edit]

Covenant University runs postgraduate programmes in the entire courses list above.


A View of the Serene Covenant University Campus

The University is situated on its main and only campus in Canaanland, Ota, where all its academic activities take place.


Also included in the sports facilities are;

  • Swimming pool
  • Lawn tennis court
  • Table tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Football pitch
  • Volleyball court etc.


Covenant University’s Centre for Learning Resources, otherwise known as the University’s Library, is situated between the female Hall of Residence Dorcas Hall and Esther Hall areas of the campus, and directly opposite the University's chapel. The total floor area of the complex is 11,300m/2. It is designed as a glass structure. It is located amidst the college buildings, the University Chapel and the Halls of Residence. It is able to accommodate up to 3000 readers and about 500 research staff and postgraduate

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Ishaya Bako, Nigerian Film Director and Screen Writer.[6][7]
  • Bez, Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, Singer-songwriter and composer.[8][9]

Notable faculty[edit]

Vice chancellors[edit]


Due to the strict codes of conduct as a Christian school and community, Covenant University has suffered numerous lawsuits and criticism.[16][17][18][19]


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