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This article is about the proposed railway station. For the Ricoh Stadium and Arena, see Ricoh Arena.
Coventry Arena National Rail
Ricoh Arena railway station under construction.JPG
Station nearing completion (June 2015)
Place Coventry
Local authority West Midlands
Grid reference SP344833
Station code CAA
Managed by London Midland
Number of platforms 2
Live arrivals/departures, station information and onward connections
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Coventry Arena railway station is a new railway station likely to open in 2016[1][2] in the north of Coventry, England on the Coventry-Nuneaton Line. It was intended to serve the adjacent Ricoh Arena, for which it is named.

Combined with the stadium's copious parking it will provide a Park and Ride facility. The station has two platforms on the existing double tracked line.

A London Midland single-carriage 75-seat class 153 railcar at Coventry serving the line to Nuneaton (and thus, when the station opens, Coventry Arena).

Although the station was intended to serve the adjacent Ricoh Arena, it was announced in August 2015 that the station will be closed for one hour following football matches, rugby matches and concerts on safety grounds: there is insufficient rolling stock to run the services necessary for spectators:[3] while six-carriage trains could be chartered to run every half-an-hour during weekends, the fares generated would not cover the chartering cost.[2] Operator London Midland stated that the rolling stock restriction limited services to one train an hour using a single-coach Class 153 unit, which can only seat 75 people.[3] In September 2015 it was revealed that Coventry City Council were looking into the possibility of using converted London Underground D-trains to run extra services on match days,[4] but diesel trains of any kind (and thus services for stadium patrons) are unlikely to be available at all before late 2017.[2]


No previous station has existed at this site, however the former Longford and Exhall station, which closed in 1949 was situated around 12 mile (800 m) to the north.

Funding for the new station was approved in December 2011.[5] In August 2012 it was announced that construction of the new station was to start in December of that year and take approximately 12 months to complete, with the station due to open in December 2013.[6]

As of September 2013 construction had still not commenced, mainly due to uncertainty surrounding Coventry City F.C.'s future at the Ricoh Arena. The estimated completion date was pushed to mid-2015.[7]

In December 2013 it was announced that plans had hit another setback and were not expected to be complete until 2017.[8] However, in April 2014 it was announced that construction works were scheduled to start in May 2014 with completion in May 2015.[9] On 26 June 2014 Buckingham Group were announced as the company awarded the contract.[10]

Work was announced as underway on 6 October 2014 with services projected to start on 21 June 2015, although according to newspaper reports this may now slip to opening in September 2015.[11][12][13][14][15] At the end of September 2015 Simon Gilbert, of the Coventry Telegraph reported that the City Council did not have an opening date for the station.[16]

Preceding station Future services Following station
  From 2015  
London Midland


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Coordinates: 52°26′49″N 1°29′41″W / 52.4469°N 1.4948°W / 52.4469; -1.4948