Covered with Ants

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Covered with Ants
Guttermouth - Covered with Ants cover.jpg
Studio album by Guttermouth
Released April 10, 2001
Studio Paramount Studios
Harcourt Studios, Inglewood, CA
Genre Punk rock
Length 31:34
Label Epitaph
Guttermouth chronology
Covered with Ants
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [1]

Covered with Ants is the sixth album by the Huntington Beach, California punk rock band Guttermouth, released in 2001 by Epitaph Records. It was the band's first album for Epitaph, having ended their contract with Nitro Records the previous year. The album continued the band's style of fast, abrasive punk rock with tongue-in-cheek humor and sarcastic lyrics, but found them experimenting with instruments they had not used before such as organ, banjo, and fiddle. A music video was filmed for the song "She's Got the Look." Covered With Ants would be the band's last recording with founding member James Nunn, and after his departure their music would take a different direction on 2002's Gusto.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Guttermouth

  1. "That's Life" – 3:01
  2. "Can I Borrow Some Ambition?" – 2:18
  3. "Secure Horizons" – 2:50
  4. "She's Got the Look" – 2:41
  5. "Looking Good is All That Matters" – 2:11
  6. "I'm Destroying the World" – 1:59
  7. "Chug-a-Lug Night" – 3:38
  8. "What You Like About Me" – 3:04
  9. "I Won't See You in the Pit" – 1:09
  10. "Black Enforcers" – 2:11
  11. "Cram it Up Your Ass" – 6:36

In popular culture[edit]

A clean version of "I'm Destroying the World" was featured in the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.


  • Mark Adkins - vocals
  • Scott Sheldon - guitar
  • Eric "Derek" Davis - guitar
  • James "The Captain" Nunn - bass guitar
  • William Tyler "Ty" Smith - drums
  • Chris Colonnier - organ on "Cram it Up Your Ass"
  • Brantley Kearns - fiddle
  • Sascha Lazor (Mad Caddies) - banjo


  • Jim Goodwin - recording, producer
  • Scott Sheldon - producer
  • Eric Davis - producer
  • Eddie Schreyer - mastering
  • Art and layout by Steve Rapp - art, layout design


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