Cow Creek (Kansas)

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Cow Creek
Big Cow Creek
Country United States
State Kansas
Region Great Plains
Part of Arkansas River watershed
City Hutchinson, KS
 - location Near Beaver, KS, Great Plains, Kansas, United States
 - elevation 1,483 ft (452 m)
 - coordinates 38°38′37″N 098°39′10″W / 38.64361°N 98.65278°W / 38.64361; -98.65278 [1]
Mouth Arkansas River
 - location Hutchinson, Kansas, United States
 - elevation 452 ft (138 m) [1]
 - coordinates 37°58′47″N 097°50′24″W / 37.97972°N 97.84000°W / 37.97972; -97.84000Coordinates: 37°58′47″N 097°50′24″W / 37.97972°N 97.84000°W / 37.97972; -97.84000 [1]
Length 112 mi (180 km), East [2]
Basin 859.5 sq mi (2,226 km2) [3]
Discharge for Hutchinson
 - average 1,230 cu ft/s (35 m3/s) [3]
Map of Rice County from KDOT (map legend)

Cow Creek is a 112-mile-long (180 km)[2] stream that flows through Rice and Reno Counties, Kansas. Cow Creek is a tributary of the Arkansas River; its confluence with the Arkansas is about ten miles southeast of Hutchinson, Kansas.

In the 1850s, Buffalo Bill Mathewson ran a trading post (known as "Buffalo Bill's Well") where the Santa Fe Trail crossed Cow Creek.[4] From Lyons, Kansas, the well is located four miles west and one mile south.

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