Cow Island, Maine

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Cow Island is a 26-acre (11 ha) island in Casco Bay, Maine, off Great Diamond Island, about 3 miles (4.8 km) northeast of downtown Portland, and is part of the Town of Long Island in Cumberland County. A non-profit youth development organization called Rippleffect owns the island and has the responsibility to protect the island's natural ecosystem as well as the island's public access. [1]

Fort Lyons[edit]

The remains of a 1907 military installment called Fort Lyons are located on the Rippleffect side. Rippleffect has converted these ruins into its core on-island facility, an eco-friendly campus where it runs human development programs[citation needed] There are several other military installations scattered around the island, including, near the center of the island, a large pill-box under which are two tunnels that appear to have been used to store ammunition and supplies.[2]

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Coordinates: 43°41′30″N 70°11′10″W / 43.69167°N 70.18611°W / 43.69167; -70.18611