Cowan's shrew tenrec

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Cowan's shrew tenrec[1]
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Afrosoricida
Suborder: Tenrecomorpha
Family: Tenrecidae
Genus: Microgale
M. cowani
Binomial name
Microgale cowani
Thomas, 1882
Microgale cowani range map.svg
Cowan's shrew tenrec range

Cowan's shrew tenrec (Microgale cowani) is a species of mammal in the family Tenrecidae.


Cowan's shrew tenrecs weigh an average of a little bit over 10 grams, and have an average length of slightly over 5 inches. Most specimens are mostly brown, often having a mid-dorsal stripe of a darker color and a lighter belly. The coat of Cowan's shrew tenrecs contains a wide variety of patterns, mostly consisting of various shades of red and brown.[3]

Cowan's shrew tenrecs are mostly solitary animals. When two males are in close quarters, they will often try to squeal at or bite each other. Cowan's shrew tenrecs are carnivores, and will search for small prey on forest floors. Their predators are mostly other vertebrates, such as owls and sometimes even other shrew tenrecs. Their only major defense against these predators is the ability to camouflage.[3]

Habitat and distribution[edit]

Cowan's shrew tenrec is endemic to Madagascar. It is found in the most habitats of any other shrew tenrec, with its natural habitats being subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, subtropical or tropical moist montane forest, plantations, and heavily degraded former forest.[3] It lives at elevations from about 800 to 2,500 meters.[2]


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