Cowanesque River

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Cowanesque River
Cowanesque River.jpg
Cowanesque River near the Pennsylvania/New York border
Country United States
States Pennsylvania, New York
 - location Near Ulysses, Potter County, Pennsylvania
 - coordinates 41°55′33″N 77°43′43″W / 41.92583°N 77.72861°W / 41.92583; -77.72861 [1]
Mouth Tioga River
 - location Near Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, Steuben County, New York
 - coordinates 42°00′05″N 77°06′58″W / 42.00139°N 77.11611°W / 42.00139; -77.11611Coordinates: 42°00′05″N 77°06′58″W / 42.00139°N 77.11611°W / 42.00139; -77.11611 [1]
Length 41.4 mi (67 km) [2]
Location of the mouth of the Cowanesque River in New York State.

The Cowanesque River is a 41.4-mile-long (66.6 km)[2] tributary of the Tioga River in Potter and Tioga counties, Pennsylvania, and Steuben County, New York, in the United States.[1] It joins the Tioga River soon after crossing from Pennsylvania into New York, near the borough of Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.[3]

The name of the Cowanesque River is of Native American origin, derived either from Go-wan-is-que ("briary or thorn bushy"), or from Ka-hwe-nes-ka ("on the long island").[4]

In Tioga County, the Cowanesque Dam was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1980. The dam created Cowanesque Lake, which helps prevent flooding within the valley. The 1,085-acre (4.39 km2) lake also facilitates various forms of recreation; the Tompkins Recreation Area and Campground is located along the lake's north shore, and the south shore hosts two day-use areas.[5]

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