Cowboy in Africa

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Cowboy in Africa
Chuck Connors Cowboy in Africa 1967.JPG
Chuck Connors as Jim Sinclair, 1967
Starring Chuck Connors
Ronald Howard
Gerald Edwards
Tom Nardini
Country of origin USA
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Aaron Spelling
Running time 60 min.
Original network ABC
Original release September 11, 1967 – April 1, 1968

Cowboy in Africa is an ABC television series produced in 1967–1968 by Ivan Tors and starring Chuck Connors. A 1966 television pilot turned into a movie and released to cinemas starring Hugh O'Brian as Jim Sinclair was called Africa Texas Style.[1]


Jim Sinclair (Chuck Connors) is hired by Commander Hayes (British actor Ronald Howard) to introduce modern methods to his game ranch in Kenya. He brings his helper and best friend, a Navajo Indian named John Henry. Together, they work at roping wildlife and building herds on the ranch. During the first episode, a ten-year-old African boy named Samson (played by Gerald Edwards) watches from afar and decides Jim would make a perfect father. Samson runs for a day and a half to the Hayes/Sinclair ranch and declares to Jim, the world's champion cowboy, that Jim would be his father. By the end of the first episode the boy and cowboy have adopted each other. Samson, John Henry, and Jim Sinclair become a family.

The series competed during its single season for the same time period as the programs Gunsmoke and The Monkees.


  1. The New World
  2. Kifaru! Kifaru!
  3. Incident at Derati Wells
  4. What's an Elephant Mother to Do?
  5. Search for Survival
  6. Stone Age Safari
  7. The Adopted One
  8. Fang and Claw
  9. The Time of the Predator
  10. Lake Sinclair
  11. Tomorrow the Wind
  12. Little Boy Lost
  13. The Man Who Has Everything
  14. To Build a Beginning
  15. The Hesitant Hero
  16. African Rodeo, Part 1
  17. African Rodeo, Part 2
  18. First to Capture
  19. The Red Hand of Michael O'Neill
  20. The Quiet Death
  21. A Man of Value
  22. Search and Destroy
  23. Work of Art
  24. John Henry's Eden
  25. The Lions
  26. The Kasubi Death


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